Forgot your password. Sign in Sign up. Our Master of Wine, James Davis has carefully selected our temporary wine range. Ensuring all your wine needs are covered for the next couple of weeks, from our delicious Prosecco to our fruity Malbec. The wines in the range will be available in 6 bottles cases, perfect for replenishing your wine rack.

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Lydia Harrowven is a passionate wine professional with a broad range of skills and hands-on experience. She has been working as a wine buyer at Adnams, London, for one year.

Adnams, established in , is best known as a brewer in the coastal town of Southwold in Suffolk. Apart from brewing, they also make award-winning spirits and wines. LWC had Lydia on an interview this time, where she shared insights about Adnams , her wine list and the wine trends.

The Adnams stores started as two shops in the Suffolk coastal town of Southwold — both a slingshot away from the famous Adnams brewery. Southwold has always been a top holiday destination for visitors who loved the stores and products.

The widespread demand initiated the launch of an online store to send our wines, beers and items of hand-selected kitchenware to our customers directly. We now have 12 stores across Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire and Essex.

Our criteria are varied. Fundamentally our objective is to present our customers with quality wines that can be produced consistently. It is also my job to make sure the wines are blended to the style and preference that our consumers love. We closely follow the market to react to consumer trends that we believe are here to stay. We try not to lead with gut instinct so much as data to support our intuition. Sometimes it can be a blend of the two.

I believe our style is traditional modernist. We supply wines that you would expect to see on a traditional wine list, with a sprinkling of complimentary wines to break the boundaries. A prime example of this is our best selling and exceptional white Burgundy wine made by Paul Talmard, in contrast to our fantastic new 0. We are developing our Adnams own label wine range to give our customers the additional assurance of quality. We have sourced the very best category examples, so much so, that we will put our name to them.

As well as the lower alcohol ranges that are set be a trend and only continue to grow. Romania is seeing good traction and I feel Bulgaria may closely follow, and so we are looking to develop the ranges here.

With varieties taking a leading role as purchasing cues, I believe we are moving towards a wine world of consumers who worry less about their Pinot Grigio coming from Italy, their Malbec from Argentina and are looking to experiment. A great deal of that comes from improved wine branding and the movement of making wine less pretentious and intimidating.

Our Adnams wines can really help guide the customer decision-making process here. The biggest challenge is the uncertainty caused by Brexit.

I believe whatever the outcome, deal or no deal, the wine world as we know it will fundamentally change. We will adapt and sometimes the challenge is managing the fear of unknown rather than of change itself. One of our biggest opportunities is to build on our excellent reputation as the specialist in the world of wine. In the wider world, we are first and foremost perceived as a brewer, secondly as a spirits producer but historically we are also a wine merchant.

We intend to build ourselves as a household name for wine and continue to develop our reputation as a wine specialist.

Lydia Harrowven talks about how she manages her wine list and describes the range of wine at Adnams in terms of styles and countries. How do you decide which wines you list? How would you describe the range you have in terms of styles, countries, philosophy? What trends are you seeing in terms of what people are buying in your stores?

Which countries and styles do you seeing becoming popular over the next 12 months? What are the biggest challenges facing your business? What are the biggest opportunities? Open for deliveries or pick-up in your area? Connect with us! Receive the latest updates from LWC on the wine industry, informative stories, and wine reviews. Thank you for subscribing.


Talking to Lydia Harrowven - Wine Buyer at Adnams

For full details of opening hours and addresses, please visit adnams. What is Green Leaf? Doing the right thing is important to us at Adnams and we like to work with suppliers who share this view. We use the Green Leaf symbol to indicate wine from growers who share our commitment to sustainable methods of viticulture and winemaking — this means minimum use of agrochemicals and a preference for organic or biodynamic principles. This recognised our work to reduce our environmental impact and that of our suppliers. Of course, along with the introduction of new wines comes the limited availability of others.

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