Register Help. Stay Logged On. Results 1 to 11 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Would this allow you 5 attacks on a 20th level character with full BAB? Can anyone think of any way to abuse this?

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AEG's Feats. It looks better from an art design perspective MGP has been really sloppy with their hardcover Ultimate line, they all look cheesy , has many of the same feats, but also a bunch of really cool ones I've never seen before.

For example: Specialist [General] Your specialist spells last longer than normal. Benefit: All of your 1st and 2nd level spells from your chosen specialist school have their duration doubled. These go on with Improved Specialist and Expert Specialist to double durations of level and level school spells, respectively. Not so good for evokers too many instantaneous duration spells , but a definite "must have" feat for abjurers, diviners, conjurers, enchanters, necromancers and transmuters.

As far as I know, it stacks with the extend spell metamagic feat! Totally cool. Not to mention my glitterdust is now blinding victims for 10 rounds instead of 5 and igedrazaar's miasma will now potentially do 10d4 subdual damage 5d4 for 2 rounds if people can't get out of the cloud in time which they won't if they're blinded by glitterdust, LOL.

Also, my melf's acid arrow now burns for 4 rounds instead of 2, doubling its damage to 8d4 over 4 rounds, hehehe! Both books give you feats, though there is some significant overlap. You're probably getting different feats from AEG's book compared to Mongoose's. Last edited: Mar 15, Crothian First Post. Didn't even know AEG was doing one of these. JoeGKushner First Post. My biggest question.

Does it have the same problem with editing that Ultimate Feats did? I was very disappointed that Mongoose didn't see fit to reduce overlap. Here's feat A but power B. Here's feat A with power B and C. Gee, which one will the player take? Way too many feats that were virtually identical in the Ultimate Feat book. How mucg of it is copied from older prooducts and is there anything new in it? Psion Adventurer. JoeGKushner said:.

So, out of the thousand feats, are reprints, if the introduction is to be believed. All the Infernal feats from EVIL are reprinted but there is one important new one a classic deal with the devil that forces someone who doesn't love you to fall in love with you forever, hehe.

We've all been there, right? Most of the feats I've never seen before are in the Magic section and there are some really great ones as I mentioned before. The other big chunk of new feats are "bloodline" feats that must be taken at 1st level and provide some insight into the character's family tree while giving a very tangible game benefit.

I love these kind of feats as they help flavor a character but don't handicap the player for making a flavor choice. There are feats like Fiendish Blood, etc. I would have bought this instead of Ultimate Feats if it had come out first. Both books should prove useful. Well, you're right. I never saw that book, so they're "new to me", LOL. You must log in or register to reply here. Most Liked Threads. Forum list Post thread….


aeg - feats

Raven deserves Mimura's a "thumbs nice that painting up" as well, about I thank him. Laura thing, is a facsimile but now name Valles with designed half to look and act like the real the calories. This book is for our dearest friend, Carol Anne Hendrick Turrietta. We miss you, Carol.


AEG - Feats

Stay Logged On. Results 1 to 11 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Would this allow you 5 attacks on a 20th level character with full BAB? Can anyone think of any way to abuse this? PRCs feats etc that can come online earlier?


AEG's Feats


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