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They provide guidance for determining space allocations for Air Force facilities and may be used to program new facilities or evaluate existing spaces. Questions, comments, suggestions and recommended changes for these documents are welcome and should be emailed to: FSM us. Please download to your computer for optimal viewing. All rights reserved. Skip to main content. Federal Facility Criteria:.

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Civil Engineering. Publications and forms are available on the e-publishing website at www. Allen, Jr. Pages: It provides guidance for determining space allocations for Air Force facilities and may be used to program new facilities or evaluate existing spaces. These criteria are used in assigning occupancy of existing facilities and in programming new facilities. This Manual is applicable to all active duty, civilian, Air Force Reserve AFR personnel and units; particularly Air Force commanders and managers, who plan, program, review, certify, and approve Air Force facilities.

Civil Air Patrol may adopt this guidance at the discretion of the applicable installation commander, per AFI This Manual does not authorize the use of appropriated funds, nonappropriated funds, or private funds for the construction or conversion of facilities. The use of the name or mark of any specific manufacturer, commercial product, commodity, or service in this publication does not imply endorsement by the Air Force. This document has been substantially revised and must be completely reviewed.

Where applicable, office spaces have been realigned with rank-based standards. Space management priorities have been cross-referenced with industry standards e. How to Use the. Example Facility Type. Facility Planning. National Codes and. Environmental Policies and. Space Allowances and. Table 1. Determining Space. Site Planning. Installation Planning. Energy Policies and Practices. Energy and Water. Category Group 11, Airfield. Aircraft Mix Percentages.

T able. Runway Lengths. Shoulder Widths. Paved Overrun Dimensions. Taxiway Shoulders. Aircraft Block Dimensions. Wingtip Clearances for Taxiing Aircraft. Angled Parking of Typical Jet Fighter. Nose-to -Centerline Distances. Helicopter Apron. Category Group 12, Liquid Fueling and Dispensing. Petroleum Operation Building. Category Group 14, Land Operational.

Guardian Angel Pararescue Space. Audiovisual and Television Facility Space Requirements. Alert Crew Facility Space. Space Requirements for Squadron Operations. Centralized Aircrew Flight Equipment. Additional Search and Rescue Space. Operational Weather Squadron Space Requirements. Battlefield Weather Squadron Space Requirements. Battlefield Weather Detachment Space Requirements.

Photo Laboratory Space. Air Passenger Terminal Space. Figure 2. Air Traffic Control Tower Space. Category Group 15, Waterfront Operational. Category Group 17, Training Facilities. Space Requirements for Band. Space Requirements for Flight Simulator Training. Category Group 21, Maintenance Facilities. Example Calculations for Required Covered Spaces. Aircraft Separation Dimensions Inside. Space Requirements for Egress.

Space Requirements for Vehicle Maintenance Support. Vehicle and Vehicular Equipment Maintenance. Space Requirements for Customer Service. Space Requirements for Allied Trades. Material Handling Equipment. Space Requirements for Refueling Vehicle Maintenance. Space Requirements for Avionics Shops. Space Requirements for Pod Shops.

Category Group 42, Ammunition Storage. Gross Area. Space Requirements, Hazardous Materials Pharmacy. Additive Storage Requirements. Category Group 45, Open Storage - General. Category Group 51, Medical Centers and. Category Group 53, Medical and Medical Support. Category Group 54, Dental. Category Group 55, Dispensaries and Clinics. Rapid Programming. Rank-Based Programming. Open Office Space Programming. Typical Special Purpose Spaces.

Typical Assembly Space. Rapid Programming Method Example. Rank-Based Programming Method Example. Judge Advocate Facilities. Other Administrative. Authorized Spaces for Supply Administration. Authorized Spaces for Civil Engineer Administration. Base Personnel Office Space. Authorized Spaces for Personnel Office.

Authorized Spaces for Traffic Management. Specialized Administrative Facilities. Authorized Spaces for Data. Authorized Spaces for Printing. Authorized Spaces for Social Action. Authorized Spaces for EM. Category Group 71, Family. Category Group 72, Unaccompanied Personnel Housing.


AFMAN 32-1084 Facility Requirements Standards

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US Air Force Handbook 32-1084


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