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This supplement. NOTE: For the purpose of this directive,. Added This applies to National Guard members when engaged in training or duty under Title 5,. Title 10 or Title 32 status for training, provided the ANG unit accomplishes the required coordination. The Westfall Act applies, provided the National Guard unit has.

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Shared Flashcard Set. Title Ground PCG. Total Cards Subject Other. Level Not Applicable. Create your own flash cards! Sign up here. Supporting users have an ad free experience! Flashcard Library Browse Search Browse. Create Account. Additional Other Flashcards. FAAO AFI 5. Definition KAFBI 4. KAFBI 6. Definition Anti-hijack. FOI 2. Definition Operating initials, time. Definition Complete. FOI 4. Definition New official weather.

Definition position relief checklist. Definition separating, issuing. Definition suspicious. Definition unsafe, observed. Definition First come, first served. Definition Controlled departure times. Definition Area of jurisdiction.

Definition Monitor, frequency. Term What is the phrasology used where the controller does not want the pilot to change frequency but the pilot is expecting or may want a frequency change? Definition "Remain this frequency". If incorrect or incomplete, make corrections as appropriate.

Definition Read back. Term What shall be accomplished when false or deceptive communications occur? Definition Correct false information, broadcast an alert, and collect pertinent information pertaining to the incident. Term What is the format for radio communications with an aircraft? Definition Last 3 digits. Term What are the four Interphone transmission priorities?

Definition 1. Emergency messages 2. Clearances and control instructions 3. Movement and control messages using the following order of preference when possible: A.

Progress reports. Departure or arrival reports. Flight plans 4. Movement messages on VFR aircraft. Definition Emergency, control. Definition Operating initials. Definition Executive One. Definition Clearance limit. Term What is the phrasology to issue communications transfer instructions? Term Personnel must not transmit or permit the transmission of? AFI 4. Definition Non-ATC instructions and information, Obscene, indecent or profane language, False or deceptive communications, Willful or malicious interference with other communications, Superfluous or unauthorized transmissions including remarks of a personal nature.

Definition Safety of aircraft operation. Term In emergency situations a non-ATC person may transmit this kind of message if? An ATC facility with direct landline capability may relay DV information to a single agency base operations, operations center or command post.

The ATC facility notifies the agency only once. This duty is secondary to providing ATC services. Definition Distinguished visitor DV. Term What critical phases of flight should a controller should avoid transmiting to an aircraft? Definition Short final, touchdown, landing roll, departure roll, initial climbout.

Definition Landline communications. Definition Two facilities. Term What are the emergency frequencies? Definition First five minutes of the hour and is no longer than three audio sweeps. Definition controlled movement areas. Term What all parts of the airfield are to be considered to be part of the controlled movement area? KAFBI 1. Definition This area includes the runway, displaced thresholds, Taxiways Alpha dashed yellow lines at Alpha and the back line denotes controlled movement area through Foxtrot, the grass infield and any portion of the airfield perimeter existing within feet of the runway edge or end and the localizer critical area.

Definition advisory. Definition Light gun signals, runway or taxiway lights. Definition Yield. Definition Control Tower, one location to another. Definition Engine start, maintenance engine runs. Definition Ramp net. Definition The aircraft's departure station; Aircraft call sign; Type aircraft; and Pilot's intentions.

The Tower will issue appropriate light gun signals as the aircraft turns base leg to final. At night, aircraft will flash navigation and landing lights.

Definition 1,, approach end, 1, Definition Emergency frequencies. Definition One. Definition Potential conflict. Definition Class D. Definition 15, 6. Definition Non-automated methods. Definition Selective call. Term What are the East approach frequencies? Term What are the West approach frequencies? Term What are Gulfport tower's frequencies? Term What are Ground control's frequencies? Term What are Local control's frequencies?

Term What is the Atis frequency? Term What is the Ramp net frequency? Term What is Metro's frequency? Term what is the Pilot to dispatched frequency? Kafbi 1. Term What are the houston center frequencies?





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