Many people discover one canoe route they enjoy, so they return and do it over and over. For others, the adventure of seeking out undiscovered landscapes drives them to dry a different canoe route every time they visit Algonquin Park. To put it all into perspective, Algonquin Park has a larger land mass than many large cities or some small countries. We highly recommend starting your canoe route planning with a copy of the official Algonquin Park Canoe Routes Map. You can buy maps online from our online store.

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While digging around on the Archives of Ontario's Visual Database Website, we recently uncovered some original survey maps of Laurier and Ballantyne township, where our Algonquin Log Cabin and Cottage Outpost are located. These maps give us a glimpse of the land use history, including logging, and allows us to look back to the original lake and river names in this area.

If you look at the top right corner of the Laurier Township Map of , it labels Surprise Lake as Surprise Lake What we unofficially still call it , but at some point in the following years the name was changed to Smythe Lake. The reason behind this change is unknown, and despite its name on the map, our local community still call it Surprise Lake. Book Summer Now! With the unexpected and devastating COVID raging on here in Ontario, there are so many celebrations and special events being postponed, reworked, and in many cases canceled.

Birthdays, funerals, Barmitzvah, concerts, you name it is off. Up here at Algonquin,. Looking for an option to self-isolate after travel or to maintain social distance? Our fully contained lakeside cottages are now available for week-to-week rentals, providing a safe and private.

Algonquin Park Maps. Algonquin Park Maps 'Getting lost teaches you how to read a map. Table of Contents. These maps are inexpensive and show the entire Park and all its routes on one page.

View the most recent edition of this map on the Friends of Algonquin's website Algonquin's Northwest Corner Canoe Routes Escape the hustle and bustle of Algonquin's Highway 60 corridor and explore Algonquin's northwest corner. From there, there are great options of day trips travelling around the northwest corner or venturing east and south into other areas of the park!

These maps are especially useful if you are hiking, bush crashing or snowshoeing in winter. Topographical maps provide more details on terrain through contour lines, allowing you to visualize hills and valleys in 2D. Below you will find a topographic map example of the Algonquin Park access 1 region.

South River, , Four of our properties are on Kawaywaymog Lake with our Algonquin Log Cabin located a short 10 mins away on the secluded Surprise Lake! Our Location. Know what you want? Book your trip today! May 6, No Comments.

Kids Missing camp? Learn More. Algonquin Canoe Trips. Lodge-Based Adventures. Private Cottage Rentals.


Your guide to canoe trips in Algonquin Park

Date April 19, Found in " Activities , Skills and tips , Travel and places ". While my reasons may be nostalgic, it seems I share this preference with Canadians far and wide: Algonquin has inspired a symphony, dozens of books, hundreds of scientific papers, artwork by Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, and draws visitors from across the country and around the world. Your ability to navigate the ponds, lakes and rivers of Algonquin also depends on your current fitness level and the pace you want to take. Are you going with a group of similarly experienced paddlers?


Sample Canoe Routes

You can spend days , if not weeks, creating awesome memories in Algonquin Park. Your journey is going to include portages which are a part of every route in the Park. They range from less than meters to over meters and link together the lakes and rivers of Algonquin. Portages are game changers , making some canoe routes harder than others. The number of portages, the distance and the gear that you have to carry are all factors to consider.


Official Canoe Routes Map of Algonquin Park



Algonquin Park Maps


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