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JavaScript scheint in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert zu sein. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Autor Andrew Martin. The ABC of Alekhine. Eigenschaften Vergriffen. Skip to the end of the images gallery.

Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Alekhine's Defence is an excellent opening to play if one wants to go for the win. Black invariably gets a tough and resilient position with ample opportunity for counterchances. With Nf6 he immediately throws down the gauntlet to the pawn on e4 and tries to take the initiative from the very. This is a particularly effective game-plan at club level, where knowledge of exact theory is sketchy and where a passive response to immediate aggression is commonplace.

In the ABC of the Alekhine we take a look at how the opening stands in IM Andrew Martin provides sound,active recommendations for Black, which can be used at all levels of play and demonstrates that the Alekhine is actually in pretty good shape.

To underestimate Alekhine's Defence would be a big mistake indeed! He is a noted writer and chess trainer. The sympathetic speaking IM Andrew Martin explains you in this fritztrainer openings DVD a exciting repertoire line for black on the Alekhine defence where he prefers to on less explored lines.

As for example on 1. Nf3 dxe5 5. Nxe5 c6 which was a favoured line of England's chess gladiator Tony Miles. Nigel Davies one wrote in his book the Alekhine's defence Everyman Chess ;Tony Miles has been playing this a lot;it's a very reasonable move which theory has virtually ignored. Rather than challenge white's knight immediately, black first protects the horse on d5. This precludes the possibility of a sacrifice on f7, and indeed the German chess bible from Bagirow does not even mention the move Andrew Martin does not only explain in these 25 multimedia files the secrets of the Alekhine but he also explains you how to explain and understand this aggressive line.

In the Palma de Mallorca interzonal tournament Fischer started to experiment with the Alekhine defence and he played a fascinating 98 game move with Brown but at the world championship he out played Spassky in the 13th match game!

Later the Russians wrote after Nf6 what a surprise! And even later Botvinnink wrote: I think that Fischer's finest creative achievement was the 13th game of his match with Spassky, so with this DVD from Andrew Martin you are in excellent company to take up the Alekhine defence!

Conclusion: Buy it for the instructive explanations and tricky Alekhine tips! With courtesy by the author: John Elburg August Mehr von ChessBase.

Keine Angst vor 1. Aljechin-Verteidigung 10 Artikel. Alt-Benoni 2 Artikel. Alt-Indisch 2 Artikel. Blackmar-Diemer-Gambit 3 Artikel. Blumenfeld Gambit 4 Artikel. Bogo-Indisch 4 Artikel. Budapester Gambit 6 Artikel. Fajarowicz Gambit Se4 2 Artikel. Caro-Kann 35 Artikel. Panov-Angriff 2 Artikel. Damenbauernspiele 47 Artikel. Colle-System 14 Artikel. Richter-Weressow-Angriff 4 Artikel.

Torre-Angriff 4 Artikel. Trompowski-Angriff 12 Artikel. Damengambit Artikel. Abgelehntes Damengambit 15 Artikel. Abtauschvariante 5 Artikel. Albins Gegengambit 7 Artikel. Angenommenes Damengambit 3 Artikel. Keres-Variante Lf5 2 Artikel. Lasker-Variante 1 item. Ragozin Variante 5 Artikel. Semi-Slawisch 17 Artikel. Semi-Tarrasch 3 Artikel. Slawisch 23 Artikel. Tarrasch-Variante 13 Artikel. Tschigorin-Verteidigung 4 Artikel. Damenindisch 19 Artikel. Petrosjan-System 4.

Igel-System 11 Artikel. Symmetrie-Variante Systeme mit Englische Verteidigung 9 Artikel. Abtauschvariante 1 item. Klassisches System Sf6 3 Artikel. MacCutcheon-Variante 1 item. Tarrasch-Variante 3. Sd2 8 Artikel. Winawer Variante Lb4 11 Artikel. Gambits 26 Artikel. Geschlossene Spiele 16 Artikel. Fianchetto-Variante 1 item. Halboffene Spiele 10 Artikel. Leningrader Variante Stonewall 6 Artikel. Indische Verteidigungen 3 Artikel.

Italienisch 16 Artikel. Evans-Gambit 2 Artikel. Katalanisch 9 Artikel. Fianchetto-Variante 4. Klassisches System 5.

Sf3 8 Artikel. Vierbauernangriff 5. Londoner System 19 Artikel. Mittelgambit 1 item. Moderne Verteidigung 24 Artikel. Hippopotamus 1 item. Modernes Benoni 17 Artikel.

Nachschlagewerke 14 Artikel. Nimzowitsch-Indisch 25 Artikel. Klassische Variante 4. Dc2 3 Artikel.


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Aljechin-Verteidigung, 1 DVD-ROM : Für Windows 98 SE/2000/XP, Windows Media Player 9.0

JavaScript scheint in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert zu sein. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Autor John Cox. Alekhine's Defense.

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