Strange new worlds and deadly aliens? Mercenaries for hire? Post-apocalyptic survival? Alternity is a sci-fi roleplaying game system suitable for a wide range of genres. Designed with modularity in mind, Alternity campaigns can be set across the spectrum of sci-fi genres: from hard sci-fi to space opera, or post-apocalyptic wastelands to alien conspiracies.

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RPG Reference Home. What's New Questions? Sell us your stuff! Rules for generating a wide variety of unique heroes - including five alien hero species. TSR Humanity has colonized thousand of planets - but ambitious nations contend or prime sectors of real estate.

At the edge of space is the Verge, where oppurtunities await those smart enough and ruthless enough to take advantage of them.

This book presents a game universe for heroes to conquer, investigate, and explore. Scheme with operatives of VoidCorp, fight against Thuldan Legions, and uncover the mysteries of the frontier. Visit a dozen fully described worlds, and learn of powerful interstellar empires. Pilot a starship into uncharted territory, make a smuggling run to an occupies star system, contact a new alien species, and bring galactic criminals to justice. Devious organizations scheme for world domination, otherwordly forces infiltrate our power structures, and creatures from our nightmares lurk in the shadows.

Working for a clandestine organization called the Hoffmann Institute, heroes explore hidden mysteries while eluding forces - both human and alien - that scheme to control the truth. Human beings have built starships and founded a civilization reaching hundreds of light-years across the galaxy.

New adventures - and new dangers - are everywhere, just waiting to be discovered. Best of all, you're the hero who makes the next big discovery, stops the next insidious threat to humankind, or carries out the next heart-stopping rescue in the face of impossible odds!

Inside this box, you'll find everything you need to start playing now. Your journey into a world of adventure, excitement, wonder, and terror begins here. It's like nothing you've ever seen before! Open up the throttle and take the future by storm! And do it without your computer! You control the action. You help decide the fate of the galaxy by setting deadly challenges for Terran and Protoss heroes to overcome! You become the Gamemaster, bringing the adventure to life!

Shawn F. Cities vanished, forests burned, and an entire civilization died in nuclear fire, gengineered plagues, and mutagenic poisons. Gamma Terra is what's left, a world blighted by radioactive deserts, deadly ruins, and thousands of new and dangerous species armed and armored with bizarre mutations and the wreckage of technology.

Humanity is no longer the master of the world. Strap on your sword and ready your blaster - it's time to brave the wild frontiers! Choose from different ones, including many old favorites updated for the new edition.

Mindwalker, mutant, and cybertech options are included. David Eckelberry Hack into the Orbital Defense Network? Rewire the power grid for a major metropolitan area? Talk to a digital intelligence? Send encrypted data between star systems?

Now you can. Wolfgang Baur Fold space at your whim? Or close your eyes in cryogenic slumber as you cross the galaxy? The possibilities are here. Create detailed starships, improve your hero's skills, and enjoy new methods of explosive battle with the ALTERNITY game rules for starships, faster-than-light travel, space tactics, boarding, and starship combat.

Lucid Technologies has a problem. Its secret research into dimensional travel has been sabotaged by fanatics, and the multimillion-dollar facility is now only a bombed-out crater. But where are the terrorists?

They've been blown into alternate dimensions, victims of the very tecnhology they sought to destroy. The heroes must track the interdimensional castaways through superspace, traveling through parallel worlds that run the gamut from primitive savagery to nuclear desolation.

If the heroes fail in their quest to end the terrorists' rampage through alternate dimensions, there's no predicting the consequences! Suitable for three to six heroes of any levels. Tangents is a sourcebook!

Parallel universes are not just science fiction - physics and mathematics predict worlds that resemble and perhaps even duplicate out own. Infinite parallel universes coexist with ours, each with qualities both familiar and foreign, and alternative versions of history play out in endless variety "alongside" out own world. This sourcebook provides a framework for interdimensional adventuring in these parallel worlds, including information on how to create and travel through one parallel universe after another.

Bruce R. Now it offers a whole new range of possibilities: Mystics delve into tomorrow, masters of time and space great their future selves, and biowarriors create the finest blades with only their minds. JD Wiker Super heroes, science fantasy, and magic expand your campaign into the realm of the fantastic. This comprehensive guide to characters with fantastic abilities is guaranteed to change the way you play the game.

The choice is up to you! Sean K Reynolds Yet amid thes bewildering oppurtunities, even the bravest need a place to call home. The Lighthouse stands as a base of operations, a site for adventure, and a means to travel the Verge in style. Listen to her mighty stardrive roar across the light-years, and know that this mobile station is a force to be reckoned with.

You can land on hundreds of planets that are nothing more than frozen, airless rocks. And you can live to tell about it. But what fun would that be?

Inside this page, full-color book are more than 60 detailed descriptions and illustrations of aliens that live in and around the planets of the Verge.

The text traces the voyage of the Concord Survey Vessel Kepler as it visits 14 different star systems around the Verge. Some of these aliens are viscious killers. Some of them are just the opposite. The excitement and danger comes from figuring out which is which - before the aliens figure out the truth about you.

In these pages you'll find excerpts from catalogs and reports that list what's available. Richard Baker Now you can examine the reports and Grid-blurbs and decide for yourself if these threats are real - or just more disinformation spread by the Concord, the Vergers, or the Old Space news agencies hungry to make headlines in the Stellar Ring.

The news from the Verge isn't all good, but what news ever is? Jack into the Grid, download Avatar's reports, and decide for yourself if the External threat is real or the deluded imaginings of a burned-out gridpilot. Just don't linger - you never know who might be watching. Bill Slavicsek Outbound: An Explorer's Guidebook provides information for scouts and heroes who dare venture into the unknown. Ed Stark The galaxy's attention centers around the Verge, a region a mere one hundred light-years across that is home to thousand of stars awaiting exploration by heroes.

The Star Compendium brings to life more than a dozen of those star systems. This page, full-color book includes more than 45 new alien species with detailed descriptions and illustrations. The book follows the progress of the survery vessel Kepler as it visits previously uncharted systems in the verge, then ventures into the Lightning Nebula.

Piracy, corporate warfare, the bitter rivalries of stellar nations, and an implacable alien menace threaten dozens of worlds and billions of people. But at the heart of all this chaos is a troubled sanctuary: the Aegis system. Dominated by the beautiful water world of Bluefall, Aegis is a place where the great powers of human space marshal their forces against myriad threats. But ambitious nations and desperate factions covet this refuge, for it occupies the most important strategic site in the Verge.

The Regency government maintains Bluefall's independence against a storm of challenges. William W. And the only thing standing between them and the safety of billions of unsuspecting people is you - and your bag of guns and gear.

In this book you'll discover everything you need to arm your hero against the darkness. You'll learn what the Hoffmann Institute is willing to give you, and what you have to buy on the street.

Complete game statistics are provided for all the weapons, armor, vehicles, and gear, ensuring that this book will be immediately useful in any modern-day ALTERNITY campaign. But what if we don't like the answer? These previously uncataloged beings come from the farthest reaches of space and the depths of our oceans, from the deepest jungles and worlds outside our universe.

They live among us, unseen except by those brave enough to seek them out. In this page book you'll find nearly fifty detailed descriptions and illustrations of the aliens that visit our world, the creatures that evolved alongside us, and the strange variations we have made of our own species. Also included are adventure suggestions designed to bring characters and creatures together - whether the heroes are ready to face them or not.


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Thanks for your support! As a ranger, you'll be able to participate in backer commentary and discussion, and you'll get updates throughout the duration of the project. Softcover books will ship separately from the hardcover. The core rulebook hardcover, all the PDFs, and a softcover copy of each sourcebook we produce, including all applicable stretch goals! In addition, we'll work with you to design an entry for the Xenologist's Guide. In addition, we'll work with you to name a ship in The Shipyard.


Net to All Rights Reserved. We have much more than this! For over more resources and downloads, see the "Resources" section Complete Listing. Free sourcebook Warships 2. Highlights of this core book include ship construction guidelines, combat rules, hit location diagrams, and more. You will be introduced to the rules system and go on a cool adventure in space.


RPG Reference Home. What's New Questions? Sell us your stuff! Rules for generating a wide variety of unique heroes - including five alien hero species. TSR


Following the acquisition of TSR by Wizards of the Coast , the game was discontinued in as part of a broader rationalisation of TSR's business holdings, but it retains a small and devoted fanbase. Characters were created with a point-based system, and could be either humans, mutants, one of several alien species presented in the core books, or original aliens created by the GM. Classes were replaced by professions, which dictated what skills and abilities were cheaper for any given hero to get, though a few skills in particular, psionics were restricted to specific professions. Skills are classified into broad and speciality skills. Earning a specialty skill requires an associated broad skill, which requires a character to have sufficient associated ability points. Special skill is further classified into ranks, which affects the skill's scores.

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