A resistor divider connecte It also incorporates current-limit, thermal shutdown and shutdown control functions into a single chip. The current Typical dropout voltage is only mV at mA loading.

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Ok guys, We have problems we have to work out. No difference between: - step 4 and step 8 cpu's - Pci-e clocks to even mhz - pci-e voltage to max - Northbridge voltage to max - vcore voltage with mods to even 1. Hicookie has the same problems as me. We both have a Rev 00A bord he has retail. Check what week your PLL was made and see if there's a dodgy week or something I know that with my dothan it booted fine but was a NO GO :slapass:. I know that with my dothan it booted fine but was a NO GO :slapass: yes but that problem was to do with vcca on the adapter.

So i still say its the revision. I have the same prob, stuck at FSB. Tried NB volts, PCI vid card, 2 sticks of ram, better chipset cooling and a few bios settings, no luck. And she's still stable!!! Did a few changes, just gonna check which one worked or if I just got lucky and it's gonna freeze at Some random bios changes?

Just curious :. Just curious : I set tRas to 12 Cpuz 16 - definately on 12 though, my sticks won't do tRas above However when I raised Vcore to 1.

Trying again at 1. Could you guys plese try to boot at CPU:Ram in case the mobo has some issues with the deviders? EDIT: haha what does :D :toast: mean? If you boot at - let's say - MHz fsb, it doesn't give you the devider? Or perhaps a higher fsb I'd be glad to, as soon as I get one mobo first My board shipped out yesterday and I should get it tomorrow.

Just curious, but has anyone tried cooling the PLL chip with a small heatsink or a fan blowing over it? I feel bad for asking this but i cannot find the post where it shoes how to decode Yonah ES. Could someone please host the pics in this thread or link me. Thanks Tim. Well, i just finished reinstalling windows and running some tests Board will not boot past that, I have tried loosening timings, as well as 3 other various sticks, so its not memory.

I have also tried booting at FSB, then using the remote to to oc, but that did no good. Got to FSB then locked Still using the stock cooler at a mere 1. Chip runs very very cool with the stock cooler, and I have gotten 5s less SuperPI at the same clock vs my Dothan. Very nice, but still want more fsb :. It looks a typical circuit described on APL datasheet.

I expect that modding to R or R gives Vcca increase Of course I'll try it later. I've done the Vcca mod, and checked its effect. Increasing R gives higher Vcca. Damn this is not good So how does this sum up?? Sorry, i didn't notice that. With dothans real gain showed above 2v for me, so I think we could easily try a bit more vcca.

Quite the opposite it would seem. But that is just a problem specific to this motherboard so far. Remember, theres only two or is the ASUS out now? MSI and Aopen. Somebody can't imagine that a bios later will support ES yonah multip. I agree, I saw no gain at all with my dothan at 1. A complete silence about the pinmod.

Off topic, but is does anyone have a model number or link to the MSI board that supports Yonah? Please, it's a very important question. Might be worth a go with say a T? That way would bring the clock speed down to possibly workable levels. Is the boot order in the bios meant to do anything? It's annoying 'cause I don't get any video output to my monitor 'til windows stupid crossfire and I have no idea what's going on unless I change around the monitor cables, and sometimes it just waits on the LAN thing, or boots from a CD and just waits around.

Wait it doesn't always go CD, CD, etc. Unplugging one CD drive solved that. And occasionally it just won't boot. I just get continual long beeps. I have to clear the CMOS to get that to fix.

Have you upgraded the bios yet? I've updated to the only one on Aopen's site as of a couple of days ago. Where'd you get this bios - can't find it on Aopen's site. In the bio version R1. Cool thanks, flashing now First test with identical settings froze again at : Trying to play with the PCI-e bus a bit - seeing if I can get a bit more.

Nope no luck : : So many problems with Aopens first enthusiastic board. I hope its the last. Yup 1. Yep Iam out of ideas now. Come on hipro : help us out :D. Memories problems? Yep tried with no luck. Ok I can't figure out at all how to get it to boot from HDD. Try the other timings ; They are also important. Done, no luck - cleared CMOS, no luck.

Can you boot now? My 4 gigs of Gskills are dead - never ran them a MHz above stock and then they just die on me. Just testing them on my server. No post. How odd! The Gigabyte iRam thing I presume ah right :p: iam such a noobie sometimes. I've spoken to Aopen about all these problems I'm having with my board and they said I should rma it Hopefully I get a better clocking one. Could be your PSU. I would try to get into safemod with If it crashes it means there is probably not enough power or faulty card.

I would also reinstall windows with in the sys if its not the PSU issue. Is there an DDR2 Booster in the future? Yes Hipro has one in the pipe line :D. Try enabling on-board devices!

Good luck:. Not sure what you're asking I seem to get the same max fsb regardless of cpu. I havent had too much time to test, but i threw in a few today for fun, and i didnt seem to hit one wall for all. Ok man, I get your point. But this is not happening. This is really very confusing.


Index A : APL5331,APL5330,APHK1608RWC,

General Description. Power Package. The APL is a low dropout three-terminal adjust-. Current limit is trimmed to ensure specified output. The APL is available in both the through-hole. Pin Description.


APL1087 Fixed. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

General Description. TO- Power Packages. The APL is a low dropout three-terminal adjust-. In order to obtain lower dropout voltage and faster.


PDF APL1085 Datasheet ( Hoja de datos )


LEY 24192 PDF

ANPEC Electronics Corporation


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