As with many games that have been revised and reissued regularly since the s, Traveller is in the precarious position of having a rather startling number of different versions of it available. App mover. There were lots of fine Traveller Adventures for different settings published. This year Mongoose did a few really good ones.

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As with many games that have been revised and reissued regularly since the s, Traveller is in the precarious position of having a rather startling number of different versions of it available. App mover. There were lots of fine Traveller Adventures for different settings published.

This year Mongoose did a few really good ones. The Calixcuel Incident was in my opinion the best one.

The Mongoose High Guard book does a good job of providing crunchy mechanics for naval characters, for the construction of new sorts of ships, and for new types of space. This book is a substantially improved and re-typeset edition of High Guard, Traveller Book 5, which originally appeared in High Guard, created for the interstellar naval adventurer and referee.

Be sure to look for, with its coverage of the army, the marines, and of military adventures. User Summary: This book covers Imperial naval characters and ships of the Imperial navy in the Traveller setting. Edition wars were unknown, the game sold extremely well — easily becoming the dominant science fiction RPG in the English-speaking world — all was golden. Then there was MegaTraveller, an ambitious revision of the rules which incorporated much more Third Imperium-focused material into the core set.

It also made sense to farm out a lot of the work to Digest Group Publications, a third party outfit who had been turning out exceptionally well-received support material for the game. Unfortunately, due to a basic incompatibility between the word processor software used by DGP and GDW, all the books had to be retyped by hand, and as a result a startling amount of errata creeped into the game.

On top of that, it was decided to majorly shake up the setting by having the Emperor get assassinated, shattering it into warring factions. Explore releases and tracks from Clipse at Discogs. The clipse discography rapidshare.

Download File. Clipse brings an authentic Virginia sound into the game and created a movement, with not only. Nobody won, everybody lost to a varying extent, nothing anybody did during the civil war accomplished anything beyond making galactic society frighteningly vulnerable so that when a major crisis came along it collapsed completely.

Plus, with T5 and I was one of the Kickstarter Backers , I had finally reached the point of exasperation with Traveller setting vs. Traveller rules. I love the setting, but it is seemingly inaccessible to new players in my experience — and the rules well, the BBB is a mess to say the least. Plus the advantage of running a space exploration game is that you can viably set it up so that discovering the setting in play is part of the experience.

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