If the reader has ever met with the works of the learned folk-lorist G. Andrews to Folk-Lore [1] , he will be aware that there are in Italy great numbers of strege, fortune-tellers or witches, who divine by cards, perform strange ceremonies in which spirits are supposed to be invoked, make and sell amulets, and, in fact, comport themselves generally as their reputed kind are wont to do, be they Black Voodoos in America or sorceresses anywhere. But the Italian strega or sorceress is in certain respects a different character from these. In most cases she comes of a family in which her calling or art has been practised for many generations.

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Es famosa como reina de las brujas y diosa de la luna. Aradia es…. William Adolphe Bouguereau. Edgar Allan Poe. Birmingham Museum Of Art. Witchcraft For Beginners. Art Fund. Pre Raphaelite. Aradia y el evangelio de las brujas. Find this Pin and more on Pagan by Stephanie Wahner. Witch Of Endor. Hans Baldung Grien. Samhain Ritual. Gravure Photo. Esoteric Art. Season Of The Witch. Witch Art. In this piece, the viewer's eyes are immediately drawn to the girl's eyes, and the artist creates this emphasis around her eyes and face.

Overall, this piece is so beautiful and soft and really inspirational for the kind of techniques I would like to use. Classic Paintings. Old Paintings. Beautiful Paintings. French Paintings. Renaissance Kunst. Renaissance Paintings. Aesthetic Painting. Aesthetic Art. Foto Portrait. Saverio Lozitiello on Twitter. Find this Pin and more on Wanna Battle? Morgana Le Fay. Fata Morgana.

Mists Of Avalon. Legend Of King. King Arthur Legend. Classical Art. Gods And Goddesses. Find this Pin and more on art by Carol. Judith And Holofernes. Beaux Arts Paris. Oil On Canvas. Canvas Prints. Academic Art. Various Artists.

Find this Pin and more on Art by barakat business. Art Inspo. Kunst Inspo. Fantasy Kunst. Arte Horror. Historical Art. Art Plastique. Portrait Art. Traditional Art. Find this Pin and more on painting by Nikola Nico.

Flamenco Dancers. Belly Dancers. Dance Paintings. Tribal Belly Dance. European Paintings. Tribal Fusion. Gypsy Style. Find this Pin and more on on the wall by Berrin. Music Painting. Painting Of Girl.

Oil Painting On Canvas. Arabian Art. Magdalena penitente Penitent Magdalene, Antonio Ciseri Romantic Paintings. Maria Magdalena. Tableaux Vivants. Art Ancien. Arte XIX on Twitter. It makes sense to me that Cleopatra had a cat--probably had a cattery of them since they at the time were considered sacred.

In fact, two feline goddesses were worshipped during Cleopatras time--Mafdet, goddess of protection of dangerous animals and Bastet, the cat goddess of beauty, women and fertility. Okay, so I had a little digital art fun and added a cat to the painting. Note the…. Find this Pin and more on art by Portia Peterson. John William Waterhouse. John William Godward.

But the tomb never pl…. Find this Pin and more on Men by Chris Sullivan. Vintage Paintings. Tarot Oui Non. Fortune Telling Cards. Fortune Cards. Fortune Teller. Trading Card Sleeves. Anne Laure. Italian Models. Art Japonais. John The Baptist. Georges Rochegrosse. Afro Art. Renaissance Art. Figure Painting. African Art. Figurative Art. Venetian Wedding. Victorian Paintings.


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