The following shows how to use the GET function to retrieve documents and save them in a file in the current directory. The parameter file is in the current directory. The output files are saved in the current directory. Bills Grades Transcripts

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I am trying to use arsdoc to query the system log. My problem is, I can get all the records since the beginning of time, or I get no records, buy trying to grab the last day of records. In this case, I am trying to get the number of concurrent users via msg num As expected, it works, but I dont want 17, records.

I want to get the last day or so's records. The command that I am trying that yields no results is the following:. Please see the select below for a system log data table:. Learn more.

OnDemand arsdoc query against the system log Ask Question. Asked 6 years ago. Active 5 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 1k times. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. R4F6 R4F6 8 8 silver badges 22 22 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes.

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arsdoc parameters

If documents from the same application have different resource groups, then the ARSDOC program creates separate output files for each resource group. The application must belong to the application group named with the -g or -G parameter. Note that resource groups for XML documents are always written to a separate file, and are never added to the same file that contains document data even when the -c option is specified. Can result in file names such as: student. Where and are application group identifiers. One file is created for each application group. Each file contains all of the items that match the query for that particular application group.


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This may be used to update a status field used for workflow or tracking, but should not be used to update index data used to search for documents. If you have incorrect document metadata, your first and only solution should be to unload the data from CMOD, and request a new file from the line of business, department, or vendor that created it. Modifying metadata should be an absolute last resort, as making changes to metadata calls into question the reliability of your archive. It will also be said many times in this article -- a mistake in your execution of the arsdoc update command can irrecoverably corrupt the metadata for documents in CMOD. Ensure that you have fresh backups of the entire database, and the tables you're modifying. The alteration of index data as a part of normal processing creates a risk that your system will not be considered a reliable archive, and in a court of law, the accuracy of the system could be called into question.



Forum Click Here. That should get you where you need to get your errant reports removed from OnDemand as in the case I mentioned where the bank presidents account information had been inadvertently loaded into the same app group as all the other statements. I that case it might also save your job if you are fast enough. Post a Comment. As I mentioned in the last post from way too long ago , to remove a report an administrator can use the arsadmin unload command.


arsdoc update


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