Manual zz. Using Beo6, 5 How to use the buttons in the Beo6 display and the physical buttons. Using the charger, 7 How to use the table charger. Beo6 Setup menu, 8 Which options are provided with the Beo6 Setup menu.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. This allows for a personal design for each user and ensures that all buttons in your Beo5 are relevant to your specific setup. About this guide … This Guide describes the basic principles of how to use your Beo5 remote control.

As an additional help to the Guide, a personal Beo5 button Page 7: Table Of Contents How to use the display of your remote control. How to operate the Beo5 ball, 10 How to operate the wheel and buttons of the Beo5 ball.

Page 8: Start Using When fully charged, your remote control is ready for use. To activate the Beo5 display, just pick up your Beo5 or touch the screen lightly, and the display lights up. Then select a button by a press on the screen.

Page 9: Display Operation Displays digits to select, for example, a radio station or channel number. Press again to return to the previous screen. Backs up through Beo5 display screens. Page How To Operate The Beo5 Ball Rewind through tracks, playlists and recordings Back up through menus, press and hold to exit menus completely How to operate the Beo5 ball … Step through for example channels, stations, recordings and tracks. Press and hold for continuous step Step through for example channels, stations, recordings and tracks.

Page 11 … the buttons in the centre The centre buttons on Beo5 are mainly used for menu operation. The coloured buttons serve different purposes depending on the product you are operating. Press the volume wheel in front of the colour you wish to activate Differences between Beo4 and Beo5 that may affect your understanding of these Guides are described here.

Page Using The Charger 14 days standby time or three to four hours of intensive use. A text in the display indicates when it is time to recharge your Beo5 remote control. Page 15 — After 10 seconds, the backlight is dimmed — After 20 seconds, Beo5 will go into standby mode and display a black screen To change these settings, refer to page 17 in this Guide. Page Beo5 Setup Menu The Beo5 remote control has a Setup menu that allows you to alter a number of settings yourself.

To enter the Beo5 Setup menu, press and hold the standby button while pressing the centre button on the ball. Beo5 Setup menu … Page 17 If your retailer has set up a channels menu on your Beo5, you may also change the numbers associated with channel names in the channels or stations menu. Page 24 www. Print page 1 Print document 24 pages.

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Bang & Olufsen Beo5 - User Guide User Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual , Manual. Simplified Chinese versions are available in the Retail System. This Service Manual must be returned.


Bang & Olufsen Beo5 Service Manual



Bang & Olufsen Beo5 Manual


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