Water leakage or seepage is one of the most common causes of any building defect and it reduces life of building structure significantly. Ignoring terrace waterproofing needs in new construction or using temporarily solutions in exiting seepage problems can create immediate or long-term problems. Generally, there are some specific locations of building that cause water leakage problems. Terrace is one of the most critical areas where perfect waterproofing is required.

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Waterproofing barrier system may be placed on the positive or negative side. Damp proofing is a treatment of a surface or structure to resit the passage of water in the absence of hydrostatic pressure. A damp proofing barrier system is used to perform the same functions as a waterproofing system but cannot be used to protect against water pressure.

Water may be forced through building members by hydrostatic pressure, water vapour gradient, capillary action, wind-driven rain, or any combination of these. This movement is aggravated by porous concrete, cracks or structural defects, or joints that are improperly designed or installed. Leakage of water into structure may cause structural damage, and invariably cause damage to the contents of the structure. Roof waterproofing is a widely misunderstood subject.

Often inadequate attention given during the construction of RB or RCC roof slab, wrong products used for waterproofing and generally insufficient treatment given, lead to leakage. Movement because of structural deflection, settlement, etc. While constructing RCC roof slab, it should be borne in mind that the practice of using concrete which is not watertight and placing too much reliance on the waterproofing measures is not desirable.

Concrete should be made watertight in itself and the waterproofing method should be looked upon as additional safety devices. The grade of roof slab concrete shall be strictly as specified by the designer. The concrete materials should be properly proportioned, maintaining the specified maximum water, cement ratio, minimum cement content and required workability. The concrete should be admixed with a Superplasticiser.

Both these requirements are effectively full fill by brick bat coba treatment, the details of which are being below:. All existing treatment, coatings on roof slab top is to be removed and surface cleaned by hard wire brush and washed with water. The surface should be free from any oil, grease, dust etc. Remedial measured by provided to all structural cracks.

Expansions joints should be treated as per standard practice. All non-structural cracks more than 0. Over this 15 mm thick cement, sand mortar, admixed, with water proofer is laid. The gaps between the brick bats are generally kept between 15 and 20 mm. These gaps are filled with cement sand mortar, , admixed with waterproofer. In hot and dry weather, the surface should be covered with wet gunny bags immediately after finishing. Curing should start next day and continued for 7 days.

All liquid admixtures should be mixed with the mixing water. The surface when green is marked with mm false squares. Curing is to be done by ponding.

Kishore Kaushal, Dr. The Institution of Engineers India. All India Seminar Oct. This civil work of Brick bat coba in sunken portion is of great importance and helpful to the civil engineers students and masons I appreciate this commandable research work of Er Kaushal Kishore paid as homeage to our nation. Why brick bat coba fails in Nasik maharashtra the parapet wall displacement is observed on brick bat coba treatment in 5 to 6 years.

What are the benefits of bricks coba treatment for a resident on top floor? After this treatment by the builder what precautions should be taken by the resident on top floor? Considering the heat in Delhi, is it advisable to purchase a top floor in a multi-story building? May i ask how much quantity used of brick bats and cement and waterproofing compaund in one meter square in brick koba treatment a. Why mm false squares required and what is the use of fiber cloth in Brick Bat Coba treatment?

Mode of measurement for Brick bat Coba water proofing. Area upto which limit has not to be deducted from water proofing. By Er.

Reply Link. Anil Verma April 14, at am. Anil kumar singh August 25, at pm. Vikram Patel September 28, at am. Sir What is the remedial solution for continously Damp walls in rainy season???? Santosh bankar July 9, at am. Amol Patil August 4, at am. Mahesh Bhavsar February 7, at am. Ashish Pandey October 17, at am.

How to calculate the material quantity for brick bat coba water proof ing in sunken. Cancel reply. Civil Engineering Forum. Top Contributors You can list yourself here by submitting civil engineering related topics to us. Kaushal Kishore Vincent T.

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