Bladesinger is a subclass of wizard introduced in the Neverwinter Campaign Setting. The other wizard subclasses are arcanist , sha'ir , mage and witch. You are trained in Arcana. From the class skills list below, choose three more trained skills at 1st level.

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I'm going to try playing one of these this evening and I'm missing some information. Not sure how that works. Thanks for pointing that out.

The power words would be adjusted to be daily as mentioned in the power word blurb , and the spell progression is expected to be similar to that of a Fighter, perhaps with one more spell than what Fighters normally get maneuver-wise. Sunday, October 14, Bladesinger. The Queen's Wood is claimed to be the birthplace of the first bladesingers -- warriors who mix elven grace and fey magic into a deadly dance of grace and flourish.

Also known as swordmages, these secretive masters of arcane swordplay have jealously guarded their secrets for ages, to little avail: Arcane students who dabble in martial skill and warriors who wish to have an edge over their more mundane enemies eventually learn those secrets, one way or another Once per day, you can choose to gain Displacement for the next attack against you before the end of battle as a quick action.

After the battle roll a d Champion Feat : You can ignore creatures protected by the Displacement ability while you benefit from this talent. Eldritch Speed Once per battle at the start of each fight, you can take a move action before anyone's turn starts. Learned Magic. Choose one of the Icons. At higher levels, you can choose to replace the spell you learned with a new spell but, that spell must be two levels lower than your current level. Living Blade Once per day, you can spend standard action to allow your weapon to move on its own for the remainder of battle, but only while you are nearby and -- if your weapon is a true magic item -- if the magic item agrees to be wielded in such a manner.

If you are too far away, it drops on the floor. You can make an attack through it as a standard action. GM Note: while I'm sure most weapons would love to have free reign on relentless carnage, if you think that this doesn't apply to the weapon, feel free to require an Intelligence check before this spell can be activated, with failure allowing the spell to work as written, but with penalties to attack [or even requiring a roll to keep the sword from attacking his allies!

Mundane weapons can only understand simple orders, but at least they stick to them on a literal basis without question. Magical weapons can understand complex orders, but well PD Hit : 1d6 force damage. Level 3 : 3d6 force damage. Level 5 : 5d8 force damage. Level 7 : 7d8 force damage. Level 9 : 9d10 force damage. PD against each engaged enemy as a quick action. On a hit, they become constrained until the end of their next turn, but if they got hit by this spell, they also take ongoing 10 damage.

Make an Intelligence attack against each nearby creature's PD. Each creature hit is also dazed until the end of its next turn. Unknown December 24, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Masters of Sword and Spell: The Bladesinger's Handbook (By Adamclare)

Bladesingers are elves who bravely defend their people and lands. They are elf wizards who master a school of sword fighting grounded in a tradition of arcane magic. In combat, a bladesinger uses a series of intricate, elegant maneuvers that fend off harm and allow the bladesinger to channel magic into devastating attacks and a cunning defense. Styles of Bladesinging are broadly categorized based on the type of weapon employed, and each is associated with a category of animal. Within that style are specializations named after specific animal types, based on the types of spells employed, the techniques of the master, and the particular weapon used.



Bovine Intervention: a Minotaur miniguide. The Mind's Eye: a Psion Handbook. Bladesingers a-go-go: a list of my Bladesinger builds. Celestial Link Evoking Radiance into Creation. Level Dip Guide. Thought Switch Higher level build that grants upto 14 attacks on turn 1. If your allies play along, it's broken.

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