Nueva Zelandia - Seguridad social - Ley. Child Support Amendment Act No. Amends Child Support Act Makes provision for unremitted deductions made by employers, protected net earnings rate, and position where liable person has two or more employers.

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Nueva Zelandia - Seguridad social - Ley. Child Support Amendment Act No. Amends Child Support Act Makes provision for unremitted deductions made by employers, protected net earnings rate, and position where liable person has two or more employers. These regulations specify how much a reviewer can direct us to pay towards the costs of bringing a review. Specifies employer levy rates for Employers' Account.

Applies in respect of levies payable for the period 1 April to 31 March , as well as all following income years. Prescribes amounts that Corporation must pay for, or contribute towards, services that are ancillary to rehabilitation and treatment under clauses 3 and 11 of Schedule 1 of the Act. Accident Compensation Act No. Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Compensation Act Provides, inter alia, measures for the compensation of workplace injuries, rehabilitation and prevention.

Comprehensive legislation on public funding and provision of personal health services, public health services, and disability support services. Part 2 provides for responsibilities of Minister, Part 3 establishes District Health Boards, and Part 4 deals with other publicly-owned health and disability organisations. Finally, Part 5 makes provision for special health inquiries. Legal Services Act, No. Provides a legal aid scheme that assists people who have insufficient means to pay for legal services, other schemes of legal assistance, and for support of community legal services by funding community law centres, education and research.

Human Rights Amendment Act No. Amends the Human Rights Act , the Social Security Act and the Police Act in order to exempt age-related criteria for retirement benefits from age discrimination provisions. Amends the Securities Act Multiple Employer Superannuation Schemes Exemption Notice with regard to information to be provided in employee investment statements and certificates. Inserts a new section regarding information to be provided to the Board by corporate contributors.

Allows the Board to require minimum contributions and pensions, and to regulate matters in relation to missing persons who are beneficiaries. Also provides for the restructuring of existing schemes, including amalgamation of schemes. Family Proceedings Amendment Act No. Inserts a new part providing the right of persons in residential care to a review of the adequacy of any disability needs assessment provided in respect of that person.

Provides for the holding, in , of a referendum on a proposal for a compulsory retirement savings scheme. Amends provisions of the Accident Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance Act relating to the definition of and payment of benefit for vocational rehabilitation, social rehabilitation, and physical rehabilitation.

Also amends provisions relating to disability assessment and calculation of premiums and benefits. Superannuation Schemes Amendment Act No.

Amends provisions of the Superannuation Schemes Act relating to members' right to information and disclosure of information to Government Actuary. Managers and administrators shall be protected from civil, criminal and disciplinary proceedings arising from good faith disclosure of information.

Sets forth rights for consumers of health and disability services. Rights include the right to be treated with respect, freedom from discrimination and harassment, freedom of information, and the right to complain.

Provides for a definition of "medical misadventure" and provisions in respect of claims, assessors and powers to borrow. Amends section 23 of the Superannuation Schemes Act relating to procedures for objections to and appeals against decisions of the Government Actuary.

Provides for the application of the Human Rights Act and the Human Rights Commissions Act to superannuation schemes providing benefits on account of marital status and benefits for children and dependants, and provides for related matters.

Retirement Income Act No. In accordance with an Accord on Retirement Income Policies entered into on the 25th day of August by the Alliance, Labour, and National Parliamentary Parties, provides for the establishment of an independent Retirement Commissioner and for the making of periodic reports on retirement income policies that are being implemented by the Government in New Zealand. Health Amendment Act No. Provides for rules in respect of rehabilitation programmes, social rehabilitation and claims.

Amendments in respect of disclosure of health information, duty to provide health information, duty to provide information for purposes of blood transfusion services, communication of information for diagnostic and other purposes, inspection of records, anonymous health information, offences as to failure to retain health information and regulations as to retention of health information. Provides for rules in respect of treatment and physical rehabilitation, including extent of treatment and physical rehabilitation costs to be met by exempt employers.

Provides for administrative matters regarding organization of the Department of Health, and amends regulations as to homes and day care centres for aged persons. Provides for rules in respect of transfer of assets and liabilities, assets held in trust, transfer of employees, residual Health Management Unit, and abolition of Area Health Boards.

Superannuation Schemes Amendment Act, No. Provides for the merger of specified schemes under the Superannuation Schemes Act Amendments in respect of compensation for pecuniary loss not related to earnings, including expenses for provision of attendant care, household help, loss of quantifiable service such as domestic services previously performed by the deceased person , teacher hours and transport to school in cases where child requires special assistance.

State Sector Amendment Act No. Provides for rules in respect of power to establish superannuation schemes for officers and employees, requirement in respect of superannuation schemes, obligation to obtain confirmation from Government Actuary that scheme meets requirements, and contributions to superannuation schemes. Amendments in respect of, inter alia, Government Superannuation Board, membership, nomination of appointed members, term of office of appointed members, representation of absent members, audit of accounts and refund of contributions on retiring before entitlement to retiring allowance.

These regulations establish an accident experience system to adjust the amount of the basic levy payable by employers to the Accident Compensation Act on or by 31 May , to reflect the accident experience of employers. Provides for rules in respect of contributors to existing schemes, transfers to other superannuation schemes, termination of schemes, provisions in relation to the Lump Sum Cash Accumulation Scheme, contributions by Government Departments and related matters.

Amendments in respect of contributions by members, retiring allowance of members, special right of person who has not attained 50 years to elect to surrender proportion of retiring allowance and receive payment, right to defer retiring allowance to age 55 or 60 years in return for lump sum on retirement, benefits where member dies and leaves spouse, benefit where member dies without leaving spouse, and children's allowance and adjustments.

Accident Compensation Amendment Act Introduces new ss. Repeals, inter alia, s. Government Superannuation Fund Amendment Act Amends the principal Act of in relation to, inter alia, contributory service and survivors' benefits. Volunteers Employment Protection Amendment Act Amends the Volunteers Employment Protection Act by substituting a new definition of "protected voluntary service or training". Superannuation Schemes Amendment Act Amends the Superannuation Schemes Act , as amended, in various administrative respects.

Amends the Government Superannuation Fund Act , particularly by adding new Parts concerning special classes of participation. Amends s. War Pensions Amendment Act No. Union Representatives Education Leave Act This Act provides for authorised union representatives to be granted leave with pay by their employers in order to attend approved union education courses. Part I governs entitlements to leave, administrative arrangements and the granting of leave.

The Act guarantees continuity of employment and of contributions to superannuation schemes for workers taking education leave ss. It also protects against use of undue influence s. Part II of the Act establishes the Trade Union Education Authority whose functions include promoting and co-ordinating union education, approving courses, producing teaching materials, making recommendations to the Government, and co-operating, where appropriate, with the ILO and other international authorities and union organisations.

Under s. An Act to amend the War Pension Act Accident Compensation Amendment Act No. An Act to amend the Accident Compensation Act Replaces subs. Act to amend Government Superannuation Fund Act Numerous amendments to Act; inserts, after s. Nueva Zelandia - Seguridad social - Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Government Superannuation Fund Amendment No. Act to amend the Government Superannuation Fund Act Several amendments concerning statements by employers and by self-employed, adjustment of levy on cessation, compensation after first week of temporary loss of earning capacity.

Replaces subsection 4 of s. An Act to provide for reciprocity with the United Kingdom in relation to medical, hospital, and related benefits. Accident Compensation Act An Act to consolidate and amend the Accident Compensation Act and its amendments.

National Provident Fund Amendment Act Amends ss. Miscellaneous amendments. Inter alia, replaces s. Superannuation Schemes Act An Act to provide for the dissolution of the New Zealand Superannuation Corporation and the New Zealand Superannuation scheme, and also to provide for the approval of other superannuation schemes.

Miscellaneous amendment. Disabled Persons Community Welfare Act An Act to make better provision for financial and other assistance in respect of the disabled, and for support of voluntary organisations and private organisations concerned with providing facilities for the community welfare, sheltered employment, training, and day care of disabled persons.

Numerous amendments. Amends, inter alia, ss. New Zealand Superannuation Act An Act to establish a New Zealand earnings-related superannuation fund, and to provide comprehensive coverage of superannuation benefits. Housing Corporation Act , No



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