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Installing and Connecting Ele Using Eleven Rack with Pro To Eleven Rack MIDI Controls page - Amplifier Controls page page page page page page page - M-2 lead page page page page page page page page - Effects page - Bbd delay page - Tape echo page - Dc distortion page - Graphic eq page page page page page page - Utility Settings page - Miscellaneous MIDI Controls page - Chapter Resources page - About www.

Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. If you have comments, corrections, or suggestions regarding our documentation, email us at techpubs avid.

Page 5 About www. Page 6 Eleven Rack User Guide Page 9: Chapter 1. Introduction Got Your Guitar. Eleven Rack is a high-quality audio and MIDI in- terface, with classic guitar amp and effects pro- cessing built right in. This means that Eleven Rack is useful when recording, gigging, and practicing. The trols Bass, and so on. Eleven Rack logo will appear, and the Eleven Rack will begin its warm-up process. Page About Www. Chapter 1: Introduction Page 14 Eleven Rack User Guide Page Chapter 2.

Eleven Rack will take a few sec- other output volume settings in onds to warm up. When the Rig name appears Eleven Rack. Page Scroll Wheel You may need to turn on the mode, where many settings that change the be- Sync parameter in the effect you want to sync.

Page Control Knobs Rigs. Control Knobs When using Eleven Rack as an audio inter- face with Pro Tools, all inputs are usable si- Use the Control knobs to access amp and effects multaneously though the Rig is still limited controls, as well as other Eleven Rack settings. Page 18 Main outputs of Eleven Rack. Page 20 MIDI devices.

When Eleven Rack is used as a standalone pro- cessor, the MIDI jacks are used to communicate with MIDI foot controllers, sending and receiv- ing program changes and continuous controller data.

Page 22 Eleven Rack User Guide Page Chapter 3. Exploring Rigs Rig. In this mode, you can turn the Scroll wheel to find and select a Rig. Rig Select Display Modes This mode lists the amp, cabinet, and effects Figure 3. Example of a common Eleven Rack Rig signal chain Each Rig in Eleven Rack contains the following Effects Lets you choose and manipulate an ex- devices for processing your guitar signal from in- tensive set of guitar effects, including Distor- put to output.

Page 28 such as compressor or graphic EQ as well as a When playing Eleven Rack through a guitar variety of modulation effects, using the lit Con- amp, you may want to bypass the Cab and trol knob. Delay effect you want to use. Page Saving Your Work If there is more than one page of controls avail- To create a new Rig with the new settings: able for the current device or utility setting, a Press the Save button. The display will show Page indicator is displayed.

Turn the scroll the Save View. Page 34 Bright switch on and off. On the second on the Normal channel. Go to the second Control page and press SW2 to toggle the tremolo on and off. Eleven Rack User Guide The original amp's dual 4x12 cabinets and watt head offered unprecedented vol- ume and power for the time, helping to usher in This amp model is based on a British-made, the era of the Guitar God.

Page 36 The M-2 Lead emulation is based on the lead channel with the fat, bright, and gain boost op- tions on.

Featuring a watt EL Treadplate Modern and Vintage models seemed based power section and two twelve-inch speak- cooler than a high-performance racecar. It features a tight, extended Page General Amp Controls It also, unconventionally Depth Sets the amount of amplitude modula- for a bass amp, offers a tremolo circuit.

Eleven Rack is not affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by the makers of the amplifiers that it emulates. Chapter 3: Exploring Rigs Page The Speaker Cabinets This cab model is based on the original speakers This section describes all of the emulated and cabinet that match the AC Hi Boost amp speaker cabinets available in Eleven Rack.

With two British ceramic inch speak- ers in an open-back cabinet, it offers chimey, mid-focused tones. Page Speaker Breakup US-made tube combo amp. It Speaker Breakup emulation first offered in the features four inch alnico-magnet speakers in plug-in version of Eleven Rack.

This function an open-back configuration. Page The Microphones We found that the Speaker Breakup emulation Based on a classic German tube condenser mic, in Eleven Rack can be useful even when using an the Cond 67 model offers a warm, crisp sound. Page 45 Wah Effects Distortion Effects Black Wah Tri-Knob Fuzz Black Wah is a standard wah pedal effect, offer- The pedal that inspired Tri-Knob Fuzz was a ing a sweepable resonant filter that lets you add transistor-based unit, originally popular with animation and special timbral effects to the gui- lead guitarists searching for ever-higher gain in tar signal.

Page 46 This distortion effect, a custom model built just 70s overdrive pedal, loved by blues and blues- for Eleven Rack, offers a range of overdriven rock players the world over for its sweet, singing tones, aided by its built-in Bass and Treble EQ, sting. In Chorus Originating from the act of pressing on the mode, the signal is routed through a modulated flanges of tape reels, and becoming even more short delay, which is mixed with the dry signal, popular with the advent of analog pedals, the creating a washy, doubled sound.

It offers the ability to stack the rate of pitch modulation over time. Pre-Dly Sets the amount of pre-delay, which changes the time relationship between the dry signal and the reverbed signal.

Page 50 If this effect is not desired, turn down the feedback control. Page 53 Level Sets the overall output volume of the ef- H Frequency Sets the center frequency of the fect.

Eleven Rack is not affiliated with, spon- H Q Sets the bandwidth of the high-frequency sored, or endorsed by the makers of the ef- EQ band.

Page 56 Eleven Rack User Guide Page Chapter 4. This chapter will describe how to make the necessary connections. Page Effects And Foot Controllers stompbox and line-level rack effects, it may be preferable to put the guitar-level unit s first in the chain. If your line-level To connect external effects to Eleven Rack: unit s have guitar-level outputs available, Connect the FX Loop Send output on Eleven the order is not important.

Page 64 Eleven Rack User Guide Page Chapter 5. Eleven Rack must be connected to a dedi- cated port on the computer in order to func- tion properly. Page Chapter 6.

Eleven Rack Studio Setup Using Eleven Rack as Your Pro Tools Interface This section will take you through connecting and configuring Eleven Rack to work at its best with Pro Tools software and the other gear in your recording setup such as speakers, headphones, instru- ments and microphones.

To listen to audio coming If the device is sor, be sure to set the Rig Input User Option mono, plug it into one of the Line inputs.

MIDI Out Page 78 Eleven Rack User Guide Page Chapter 7. It can be accessed whether Eleven Rack is your Pro Tools interface or you have Eleven Rack connected to an ex- isting Pro Tools system as a standalone preamp and processor.

This applies whether you are using Eleven Rack as an audio interface for Pro Tools, or as a preamp and pro- cessor along with an existing Pro Tools system. Page 83 When Pro Tools is set to manual tempo ignor- brarian, an all-in-one view of all Rigs currently ing the Conductor track , and Eleven Rack is set stored in the memory of Eleven Rack.

Vi- Control section. Page Guitar Recording With Pro Tools Record-enable The simplest way to record guitar with button Eleven Rack is to simply plug in your guitar, cre- ate a track in Pro Tools, and record the sound coming from the Rig. To record guitar through the Rig to a track in If you need to do intri- Click on the Track menu in Pro Tools and cate rhythmic editing and find the audio select New.

Page 90 Record your part. The Rig is loaded into Eleven Rack and is ready to use. Press Stop to stop recording. The settings of the currently loaded Rig as of the moment you stop recording will be embed- ded in each audio region that is recorded from the input you select in the Embed Setting From menu.

Page 91 Click the Rig Settings menu. Any regions with embedded Rig data will show up as a list at the bottom of the menu. Choosing a region from the RIg Settings menu Page 94 Eleven Rack User Guide Page Chapter 8. It is a phenomenon particular to the type of am- plifier used as well the type of cabinet used.

When Eleven Rack is plugged into a computer When feeding signal to a external guitar with USB for use with Pro Tools, these options amplifiers, it is generally preferred to apply must be set in the host software Pro Tools or no cab and mic emulation to the signal.

Page Display Contrast This control allows you to set the contrast of the LCD display to match your viewing angle or light conditions.


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