Tectonic, volcanic, and climatic geomorphology study of the Sierras Pampeanas Andes, northwestern Argentina. A proposed analysis of Shuttle Imaging Radar-B SIR-B data extends current research in the Sierras Pampeanas and the Puna of northwestern Argentina to the determination - by the digital analysis of mountain-front sinuousity - of the relative age and amount of fault movement along mountain fronts of the late-Cenozoic Sierras Pampeanas basement blocks; the determination of the age and history of the boundary across the Andes at about 27 S latitude between continuing volcanism to the north and inactive volcanism to the south; and the determination of the age and extent of Pleistocene glaciation in the High Sierras, as well as the comparative importance of climatic change and tectonic movements in shaping the landscape. The integration of these studies into other ongoing geology projects contributes to the understanding of landform development in this active tectonic environment and helps distinguish between climatic and tectonic effects on landforms. This event was probably transtensional and played a major role during the evolution of the Paganzo Basin as well as during the emplacement of alkaline magmatism in the retroarc.

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She is Bezalel's first woman president. Eva Illouz was born in Fes, Morocco, and moved to France at the age of ten. In , she was chosen by the German newspaper Die Zeit as one of the 12 thinkers most likely to "change the thought of tomorrow. Illouz is the author of 80 articles and book chapters and eight books that have been translated into 15 languages. The research developed by Illouz from her dissertation onward focuses on a number of themes at the junction of the study of emotions, culture and communication:.

One dominant theme concerns the ways in which capitalism has transformed emotional patterns, in the realms of both consumption and production. Illouz's first book addresses a dual process: the commodification of romance and the romanticization of commodities. The second process was that of the commodification of romance, the process by which the 19th-century practice of calling on a woman, that is going to her home, was replaced by dating: going out and consuming the increasingly powerful industries of leisure.

Romantic encounters moved from the home to the sphere of consumer leisure with the result that the search for romantic love was made into a vector for the consumption of leisure goods produced by expanding industries of leisure.

In Cold Intimacies and Saving the Modern Soul Illouz examines how emotions figure in the realm of economic production: in the American corporation, from the s onward emotions became a conscious object of knowledge and construction and became closely connected to the language and techniques of economic efficiency.

Psychologists were hired by American corporations to help increase productivity and better manage the workforce and bridged the emotional and the economic realms, intertwining emotions with the realm of economic action in the form of a radically new way of conceiving of the production process.

So whether in the realm of production or that of consumption, emotions have been actively mobilized, solicited and shaped by economic forces, thus making modern people simultaneously emotional and economic actors. Illouz argues that psychology is absolutely central to the constitution of modern identity and to modern emotional life: from the s to the s clinical psychologists became an extraordinarily dominant social group as they entered the army, the corporation, the school, the state, social services, the media, child rearing, sexuality, marriage, church pastoral care.

In all of these realms, psychology established itself as the ultimate authority in matters of human distress by offering techniques to transform and overcome that distress. Psychologists of all persuasions have provided the main narrative of self-development for the 20th century. The psychological persuasion has transformed what was classified as a moral problem into a disease and may thus be understood as part and parcel of the broader phenomenon of the medicalization of social life.

What is common to theme 1 and theme 2 is that both love and psychological health constitute utopias of happiness for the modern self, that both are mediated through consumption and that both constitute horizons to which the modern self aspires. In that sense, one overarching theme of her work can be called the utopia of happiness and its interaction with the utopia of consumption.

This is a theme Illouz has developed especially since becoming a member of the Center for the Study for Rationality at the Hebrew University in She argues that economists, psychologists and even sociologists tend to think of choice as a kind of fixed, invariant property of the mind, in which actors know what their preferences are and choose based on these preferences.

First, how does class shape emotional practices? Are there emotional forms which we can associate with social domination? How do they establish this advantage and what is its nature? Illouz's fifth and final theme is meta-theoretical, that of human development and social critique.

Illouz rejects analysis of culture as the counting of the ways in which it either emancipates or represses, delivers "trash" or "treasure", conforms to or does not conform to a model of human development or of the good polis. Instead, she tries to offer the notion of "immanent critique," which makes critique emerge from the self-understandings of actors. Cultural practices ought to be evaluated and criticized internally, according to the values they contain. Updated on May 15, Edit Like Comment Share.

Contents Eva illouz ware liebe und wahre liebe gespr ch mit barbara bleisch Eva illouz internet and romantic imagination Biography Research The ways in which capitalism has transformed emotional patterns Consuming the Romantic Utopia Cold Intimacies and Saving the Modern Soul The role of popular clinical psychology in shaping modern identity The transformation of the architecture or ecology of choice The unequal distribution of emotional development and emotional happiness The meta theoretical theme is that of human development and social critique Published works References Eva illouz internet and romantic imagination.

Research The research developed by Illouz from her dissertation onward focuses on a number of themes at the junction of the study of emotions, culture and communication: The ways in which capitalism has transformed emotional patterns One dominant theme concerns the ways in which capitalism has transformed emotional patterns, in the realms of both consumption and production.

Consuming the Romantic Utopia. Fifty Dead Men Walking. Hassan Adnan. Jeffrey Peterson. Notification Sent. Editing Mode.


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Kidney transplant in diabetic patients : modalities, indications and results. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Abstract Background Diabetes is a disease of increasing worldwide prevalence and is the main cause of chronic renal failure. Type 1 diabetic patients with chronic renal failure have the following therapy options: kidney transplant from a living donor, pancreas after kidney transplant, simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplant, or awaiting a deceased donor kidney transplant.


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