E como ele se chamava? Um objeto, um colar, um diploma? Isso inclui os derivados, como bolachas? O que significa?

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The comb and mirror are a dead hero gift A. Pena to the [A]Moura, Mother Goddess. Com ele vivia e envelhecia durante o seu reinado. Builder of the landscape and the megalithic monuments. By Carlos Alfonzo ex A. Always dressed in rich cloth and covered with precious jewels [A]Moura means psb. The Irish and the Scots call her Cailleach Bheara, psb.

In Ireland, she carries enormous stones in her apron to create dolmens and mountains. It is said that the Celts feared nothing except the supernatural.

Children in Galician villages pile up stones into little mounds, which they leave on the ground each time a rainbow appears in the sky Arco da Velha. Pena da Noiva Moura. Rock of the Moura Bride in St.

All kinds of monumental constructions are in Galiza attributed to the Mouros [mythical beings, always very fair skin and blond hair, have nothing to do with the African Moors never invaded Galicia], including formations that are the result of human endeavors as well as natural phenomena such as fjords, lakes, mountains, etc. Such is the case with certain stones affected by erosion, or purposely built, such as the Pena Molexa.

This tradition reflects the memory of morning-evening appearances of the Moura woman, busy with dressing and hair combing, etc. The Pena Molexa is an extremely ancient megalith, intentionally set or mounted between two boulders.

Among the Celts sovereignty is chosen. The Amoura or Moura shows the suitor the treasure, asking him to choose the most valuable.

If the suitor chooses her, he will pass the test and gain it all. If he chooses the gold, the Moura will disappear, turning the gold to petty coal, or into a broken piece of pottery.

One legend relates that the Pena Molexa was created by A Velha with her little finger. Always dressed in rich cloth combing her hair with a golden comb, exhibits in Midsummer Night a treasure. The test. The Moura often appears to the young men who pass by the Pena Molexa that night to ask them to choose between her and an object of a fabulous treasure.

The greedy can not be chosen for Sovereignty Pena Molexa legend. When the boy chooses the large, heavy piece of gold, the woman disappears and the object the have chosen turns to coal. In the best case, gold becomes coal or broken clay pots. Contos e Lendas de Trasancos. O aparecimento desmaia-se num espelhar de luz que se delonga na claridade nacente do dia.

Contos e Lendas de Trasancos ]. In the worst cases, the greedy noble young man is cursed and turned to stone for failing her test. A king who was turning to stone for failing her test. The other surrounding stones are his horsemen. Eva Merlan ex A. It is also said that on the night of Saint John a treasure is carried away from the Pena Molexa on three golden mules. The mules march in to the sea if nobody can break the spell. Finally, there are those who say that the Pena Molexa was made, as mentioned before, by an old woman with her little finger, and that on the day she takes away her finger, the End of the World will have arrived.

While she waits for the deserving groom to share with her the buried kingdom and its treasures, she lays out the gold in the sun and combs her blond hair with a golden comb. At the appearance of the Moura, they quickly insisted that she marry them. Carlos Alfonzo ex A. When failing at their discovery, at the appearance of the Moura, they quickly insisted that she married them, according to their testimony Martinez Salazar, before the judge:.

Today it is the work of archaeologists, but with the goal gaining knowledge of our past in a has cases of pillaging include the excavation of tombs in the Hallstatt necropolis over the course of 17 years, or the disinterment of But the pillaging of Hallstatt is just an anecdote compared to what has occurred in Galicia.

His plundering involved over three thousand chambers. Treasure of Caldas, asresult of violations of many chalcolithic mounds Museo de Pontevedra. We will never know what Don Pedro found. At the beginning of the 17 th century, neither the lord of Recimil nor the science of his day were concerned with making inventories, let alone with dating an classifying the antiquities from the tombs.

Nor was he interested in recording excavation journals like supervisor Ramsauer, or in making drawings like the watercolours of his friend Isador Engel. Judging by the scope of his exploits, six times greater than those of Ramsauer at Hallstatt, and greater than that of a modern-day archaeologist who may excavate various tombs already pillaged hundreds of times, the Lord of Couto de Recemil had an extraordinary, if unscientific, career.

Using the experience he acquired through his practice, perhaps he was able to predict which tombs would be productive and which would not. Were those tombs great dolmens? Were they Bronze Age arks? Lost the long crossbar and part of the original iconographical program, representing the twelve labors of Hercules III century BC. By an unfortunate Belle Epoque reconstruction the original damaged Neme Lion representation, the original lion became now a wolf.

That fact does not obscure its interpretation. The amazing brooch shamefully left the Iberian Peninsula to the British Museum. The historians describe, according to their own inveterate customs, how the Lusitanians [close to Galicians] interred Viriato in a vast an splendid tomb. Why was it not preserved until today? Seguiu andando monte arriba coa pedra, fiando e cantando unha cantiga.

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New branch of archeology to discover institutions. Skip to content. Home Biography. Mother Goddess of Gaul with her son. Pena Molexa. Boy reading the legends of the Pena Molexa. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Bookmark the permalink. November 11, at pm. Carballo says:. November 14, at pm. November 17, at pm. September 11, at pm. October 20, at am. June 25, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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November 15, Tenha uma boa leitura! Mas o que digo sobre isso, se correr o bicho pega e se ficar o bicho come? No ver. E eis que veio um leproso e o adorava, dizendo: Senhor, se quiseres, podes tornar-me limpo. No mesmo instante ficou purificado da sua lepra.


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