Have you ever wanted to make your own fireworks? These are instructions for fireworks projects so you can make your own homemade fireworks. It's easy and inexpensive to make firecrackers yourself. This is a great pyrotechnics project, perfect for do-it-yourself types or persons who can't find firecrackers where they live.

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Because it is the largest collection of fireworks projects —more than — ever written. Because they were written by living fireworks masters using materials available to anyone today. Now they have been reformatted, updated and neatly organized into a single book. You can download all of these projects minutes from now. Simply put, no book on making fireworks has ever covered this much ground, nor done such a thorough job of it. Simply written in clear, plain English.

No pyrotechnical jargon to wonder about. Covers a wide range of subject matter and fireworks projects. Very detailed, yet easy to understand by anyone. A list of all the materials needed are included with each project. Nothing is left out. Nothing left to guess about. Older books have methods and chemicals which are no longer available or would be considered suicidal to do today.

Written by master fireworks makers. Contributions from dozens of well-known contemporary fireworks masters, who are still practicing their fireworks art today.

You can be confident that any project you do will be successful if you can follow directions. The videos are awesome and lead you through all the steps you need. So many text books assume you already know the basics and the jargon.

Hundreds of color photos and diagrams. The most well illustrated book on fireworks in existence. Videos embedded right in projects. Click on any video image and play the videos right inside your eBook! They let you know exactly what steps to take and how to do them.

Best of all, you get videos showing exactly how the firework is supposed to look when you light it! The videos embedded in many of the projects will only play on your computer. So, whether you print it all out or not, keep a copy of it there for a backup and so you can watch the excellent instructional videos. Did you get the pages for the blue go-getters dirty when you made that batch of stars?

No problem. Just print that chapter out again, fresh and clean. It costs more than you would want to pay. Since most of the pages are in color, a printed version would cost you hundreds of dollars.

And you would lose all of the valuable videos, links to related projects, and information only available in a modern eBook. You get the multi-media richness of using the book on your computer, and you can take it anywhere on a thumbdrive.

And you can print out any project from the book and use it in your workshop or at a fireworks event. Make note on the pages. Or get them dirty, spill coffee on them and throw them away. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact our sales and support staff at info fireworksmaking.


Homemade Fireworks Projects



800 pages of Fireworks Making Projects with Videos




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