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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. George Lien. This product is used to drive a 3-phase electric motor at variable speed. As this manual does not cover the use of option cards, etc. Safety Instructions Read this manual carefully before installing, connecting wiring , operating, servicing, or inspecting the inverter.

Familiarize yourself with all safety features before using the inverter. Always follow instructions. There is a risk of accident. There is a risk of fire. Inverter may be dropped causing injury. CTi Automation - Phone: Do not remove the cover while power to the inverter is turned on. Electric shock may occur. Design the machine to ensure personal safety in the event of restart Accident may result. In this case, personal safety must be assured. Accident may result.

Electric shock may result. Failure may result. Burns may result. Injury may result. Electrical shock may result. Take off metal jewelry such as watches and rings. Use insulated tools. Electric shock or injury may result. Use a crimp terminal to connect a cable to the main circuit terminal or inverter ground terminal.

Otherwise another protective measure shall be applied such as separation of the EE from the environment by double or reinforced insulation or isolation of EE and supply system by the transformer. Do not use two or more inverter ground terminals. To maintain Pollution degree 2 or more, install the inverter in the control panel IP54 or higher level having structure free from water, oil, carbon, dust, etc.

It is customer's responsibility to check whether the equipment, the inverter is installed in, conforms to EMC directive.

Disconnect incoming power before working on this control. Install it inside a panel. Connector must be fixed using the crimp tool specified by the connector manufacturer. See Instruction Manual basic connection diagram Fig. General instructions Although figures in this manual may show the inverter with covers and safety screens removed for explanation purposes, do not operate the device until all such covers and screens have been replaced.

If you have any questions about the product, contact the nearest Fuji sales office or your local distributor where you purchased the unit. The terminating resistors for products with 30HP or less is packed in a sack. The terminating resistors for products with 40HP or more is connected to the control terminal of the inverter unit. This terminating resistor is required for RS communication. The terminating resistor need not be removed regardless of RS communication status. Do not carry the product while holding the cover or parts other than the main unit.

Use a crane or hoist to carry a product equipped with hanging holes. Note2: As a large change in temperature within this humidity range may result in condensation or freezing, do not store where such temperature changes may occur.

Long-term storage If the product is to be stored for an extended period after purchase, the method of storage depends primarily on storage location. Do not store electrolytic capacitors for one year or longer without providing power. As heat radiates upward, do not install the product beneath a device sensitive to heat. Do not install the product in an area from which heat cannot be sufficiently released. If two or more inverters must be installed vertically, place an insulated plate between the inverters to minimize the effect of heat.

An inverter of 30HP or less can be converted to an external cooling type simply by adding an optional mounting adapter. An inverter of 40HP or more can be converted simply by moving mounting adapter. Ensure that heat sink surfaces are kept free of foreign matter lint, Fig.

Fire or accident may result. Remove the M6 bracket screws, move the brackets, then secure the brackets using the M5 case mounting screws. The bracket screws are no longer required after changing the bracket mounting position.

Remove the surface cover, then remove ventilating covers by popping out the cover inserts as shown in Fig. Connecting power to another terminal will damage the inverter. Check that the power voltage is within the maximum allowable voltage marked on the nameplate, etc. Confirm that the connection is correct. Confirm that all necessary connections have been made. Confirm that there is no short-circuit or ground fault between terminals and cables.

To ensure safety, use a multimeter to check that the voltage of the direct current DC is lowered to the safety range 25V DC or less after the charge lamp goes off. Also, confirm that the voltage is zero before short-circuiting. The residual voltage electric charge may causesparks. Electric shock or fire may result. The auxiliary terminals [1] and [2] have polarity. Connect them as shown in the figure above.

U, V, W Inverter output terminal Connects a 3-phase motor. External braking resistor Connects the optional external braking resistor. G Inverter ground terminal Grounds the inverter chassis case to the earth. Phase-sequence matching is unnecessary. The main circuit power should be used to start or stop the inverter only if absolutely necessary and then should not be used more than once every hour. If the direction of motor rotation is incorrect, exchange any two of the U, V, and W phases.

When a motor is driven by a PWM-type drive, the motor terminals may be subject to surge voltage generated by drive element switching. If the motor cable with V series motors, in particular is particularly long, surge voltage will deteriorate motor insulation. To prevent this, use the following guidelines: Inverters 7. To correct, insert a filter or reduce the carrier frequency. To prevent this, the same AC power as the main circuit AC power must be supplied as auxiliary Insulation Transformer control power to the auxiliary control-power R0 input terminals R0 and T0.

If they are connected to the input side of the RCD, RCD will be malfunction because the power supply of the inverter is three phase and the terminal R0 and T0 is single phase. Note:For inverter of HP or more, the DC reactor is provided as a separate standard component and should always be connected to the terminals.

If this braking resistor does not provide sufficient thermal capacity e. Insulate the resistor-removed terminals with DCR adhesive insulation tape, etc. To improve braking performance, an external braking unit option and an external braking resistor option must be installed.

The wiring cables twisted or otherwise should not 2 THR exceed 16ft 5m. To connect the power regeneration unit, Fig. Also, metal frames of electrical equipment must be grounded as specified in the Electric Facility Technical Standard. For the switching method, see Fig. Fire may result. For details, refer to technical documentation.

The inverter of 40HP or more contains an AC-powered component e. See Fig. When DC power input is not used, do not switch this connector.

The same AC voltage as the main circuit power voltage must be supplied to the auxiliary control-power input terminals R0 and T0. If not supplied, the fan does not rotate and the inverter will overheat 0H1. R0 T0 Fig. However, if such a connection is required, insulate these input terminals from the main power of the power regeneration converter with an insulation transformer. The connection example of a power regeneration unit is provided in the "Power Regeneration Unit Instruction Manual".


Fuji Electric frenic 5000g11s Instruction Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Summary of Contents for Fuji Electric frenic g11s Page 1: Instruction Manual Please consider to ensure that this instruction manual reaches the persons who actually use this product. Keep this instruction manual up to disposing the inverter. The product is subject to change for improvement etc.



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