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General search Products Price Download Supply. Product catalogues. Q series PLC. FX series PLC. FX1S series. FX1N series. FX2N series. FX2NC series. FX3UC series. FX3G series. FX3GA series. FX3GE series. FX3GC series. FX3S series. FX3SA series. FX5U series.

FX all modules and accessories. FX1N module. FX0N module. FX2N module. FX2NC module. FX3U module. FX3UC module. FX3G module. FX5U module. FX all accessories. L series PLC. CC-Link module. R series PLC. Touch Screen. QS safety series. Input points: 16 points. Output points: 16 points. Output form: relay output. Weight: 0.

Input signal voltage: DC24V. FX2N series expansion unit Expansion unit is an input and output expansion device with a built-in power supply. As with the basic unit, the extension unit can be connected to a variety of input and output and special extension equipment.

Because all models of FX series are built in high speed counter, So the high speed control can be realized by the simple procedure. The input of the basic unit is built in the anti jitter filter, One part as digital filter, Sensitivity adjustment unit can reach 1ms.

Using high speed counter automatically adjusted to the minimum value. Through the high cost of the built-in positioning function and the expansion function to increase the number of control axis. Extended function expansion board and special adapter, Data links and communication with external serial devices. Analog output points: 4 points. Dimensions: 55 x 90 x Input points: 8 points. Output points: 8 points. Output type: relay. Power consumption: 25W. Weight kg Size WxHxD mmx90x Built in CPU, power supply, input and output.

By using a rich variety of functional extension boards and special adapters, Can achieve high precision control. Based on the function of FX2N has been greatly strengthened and enhanced. Basic instructions: 0. Application instruction: 0. Large capacity memory. Built in program memory steps. Flash memory cartridge with program transfer function.

Faster and more efficient. Support high speed control and network communication, and have the function of data recording. High speed, large capacity, multi-function high-end machine. FX3U supports high speed processing, CC-Link communication, network communication, analog control and advanced positioning system. Third generation high function micro programmable controller. Built in high speed processing and positioning.

Control points: maximum points. Contact us Search terms.

320MX-3 PDF

FX2N-32ER-ES/UL Mitsubishi Programmable Logic Controller, PLC

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MELSEC-F Series Input/Output Expansion Unit (FX2N-32ER-ES/UL)


DIN 32501 PDF

Mitsubishi FX2N-32ER-ES/UL Processor/Controller



FX2N-32ER-ES/UL | MITSUBISHI Input / output module FX2N-32ER-ES/UL


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