Nucette Ana. Correo-e: ananucette hotmail. Portal Hypertension PHT in children is hard to handle with as a result of multiple etiologies and because of using non standardized treatments. Methods and Patients: 27 patients assessed between and The following was recorded: etiology, clinic, laboratory, Eco-Doppler, endoscopic classification of esophageal, gastric and fundic varices, Child-Pugh, and endoscopic therapy. Children with cirrhosis, with Child-Pugh B and C, compensated the hepatic disturbance with endoscopic therapy.

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Portal hypertension in mansonic schistosomiasis: repercussions of surgical treatment on the histomorphometric profile of the gastric mucosa. Palavras-chaves: Gastropatia. Esquistossomose mansoni. The repercussions from surgical treatment for controlling portal hypertension and its effects on the gastric vasculature of young patients with mansonic schistosomiasis were investigated by digital image analysis. Endoscopic biopsies were taken from the mucosa of the gastric antrum and body endoscopic mucosa and the samples underwent routine histological tests after embedding in paraffin blocks.

Histological thin sections were used for histomorphometric analysis of the following parameters: mean number of vessels per field, and mean diameter and thickness of the vessel walls.

The results showed that, between the patients whose operation was not more than two years ago and those whose operation was more than six years ago, there was a significant decrease in the density and diameter of the vessels. These findings give support to the concept that the surgical treatment administered decreases specific histological alterations like hemorrhage and ectasia, over the long term. Key-words: Gastropathy. Portal hypertension.

Schistosomiasis mansoni. Todos os pacientes foram informados sobre a pesquisa e somente aqueles que concordaram em participar assinaram o termo de consentimento livre e esclarecido. Grupos experimentais. Os valores obtidos foram analisados estatisticamente utilizando-se os testes de Tukey e teste t de Student. Hepatic schistosomiasis. Infectctions Disease Clinnical North Americana , Bogliolo L. Estudo prospectivo das varizes esofagianas. Schistosomiasis related morbidity in Brazil; Spatial distribution, clinical features evolution and medical services assessment.

Casadewall M. Time course changes in gastric mucosal blood perfusion following portal vein constriction in rats. Journal of Hepatology , A study of regional gastric mucosal blood flow in a rat model of the hepatic cirrhosis. American Journal of Physiology , Hamilton PW. Interactive computer-aied morphometry. Blackwell-Sience, USA, Lacerda CM. Tese professor Titular. Recife, PE, Alterations in mucosal vessels in patients with cirrhosis and non-cirrhotic portal hypertension.

Human Pathology 5: , Gastric lesions in portal hypertension inflammatory gastritis or congestive gastropathy? Gut , Prevalence and factors influencing hemorrhoids, anorectal varices and colopathy in pacients with portal hypertension. Endoscopy , Thickened gastric mucosal capillary wall: a histological marker for portal hypertension.

Pathology , Pereira FMF. Telepathology by the internet. Journal Pathology , Gastric mucosal vascular ectasias causing bleeding and cirrhosis.

Gastroenterology , Portal hypertension in mansonic schistosomiasis. World Journal of Surgeny , Histomorphometric study of the gastric mucosa in portal hipertension. Clinical Gastroenterology , Impaired oxygenation of gastric mucosa in portal hypertension. Digestive Diseases and Science , Size of gastroesohageal varices: its behavior after surgical treatment hypertension. Microvascular abnormatlities of portal hypertensive gastric mucosa.

Hepatology 8: , True LD Morphometry applications in anatomic pathology. Human Pathology , Viggiano TR, Gostout C. Portal hypertensive intestinal vasculopathy: a review of the clinical, endoscopic, and histopathologic features. American Journal of Gastroenterology , All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal. ABSTRACT The repercussions from surgical treatment for controlling portal hypertension and its effects on the gastric vasculature of young patients with mansonic schistosomiasis were investigated by digital image analysis.

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Gastropatía hipertensiva portal foto endoscópica

Gastric lesions in portal hypertension: inflammatory gastritis or congestive gastropathy? Cubillas R, Rockey DC. Portal hypertensive gastropathy: a review. Liver Int [Internet]. Pathogenesis of portal hypertensive gastropathy: translating basic research into clinical practice. Patwardhan VR, Cardenas A. Review article: the management of portal hypertensive gastropathy and gastric antral vascular ectasia in cirrhosis.


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Portal hypertensive gastropathy in patients with cirrhosis. Reliability in endoscopic diagnosis of portal hypertensive gastropathy. World J Gastrointest Endosc [Internet]. Underlying mechanism of portal hypertensive gastropathy in cirrhosis: a hemodynamic and morphological approach. J Gastroenterol Hepatol [Internet].


Gastropatía hipertensiva portal foto endoscópica 2


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