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Advertise with Us. Remember Me? General Rules. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: [Glorantha] The Second Age. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

The Middle Sea Empire makes for a great Atlantis-like sorcerous superpower. God Learner characters can run the gamut from Hrestoli evangelists to amoral bug-men Timinit sorcerers.

Dara Happa gives you the opportunity to play an ass-kicking sun-worshipper rebelling against the Dragons. The Empire of Wyrms' Friends has the whole alien mysticism thing going for it, and can serve as antagonists or just as aloof assholes with enigmatic and often unintelligible agendas, both political and spiritual, PCs or NPCs.

And of course, Orlanthi will be Orlanthi, regardless of age. Also, I cannot express how happy it makes me to see demon summoning spells for God Learner sorcerers in the Cults of Glorantha book. I cling to the notion that no fantasy RPG is complete without an option for demon summoning sorcerers.

Sure, there's the Elric magic system, but it's too different from standard Gloranthan magic to be really compatible. So, who's got any Second Age gaming done here? How did it go? I'm seriously considering picking up Pavis Rises, is it any good? Last edited by The Butcher; at AM. Magic in Runequest? Totally borked. Only a retard with assburgers would play a magician and join the stupid cults.

Why is it that magic gets a stupid Magic Point mechanic to balance it? Where's the Sword Point mechanic for warriors? What you want is to be a flying Orlanthi swordsman. And in the Second Age it's even worse. Which is why I converted all my Glorantha books to d20 and never looked back. This should draw some traffic to this thread. It would be good to hear any suggestion of the best content to seek for this focus upon Glorantha too.

There is such an amount of published material, and I don't want to mess with the bland bits. Any comment I add to forum is from complete boredom. Completely ignoring the pointless second post However, the supplements didn't really live up to the promise. Some of them were good, some middling and some poor, but very few had an epic feel. I still use them as background material for my Third Age games, but have never really been inspired to run a Second Age game.

Simon Phipp - Caldmore Chameleon - Wallowing in my elitism since Originally Posted by soltakss. The other, for its eminently forgettable predecessor, MRQI.

Originally Posted by The Butcher. Last edited by beeber; at AM. What are they like? Just saw it now. Never went much into second age but Butchers first post grabbed my atention. Weird forked tongue dragon mystics vs nmage-like atlantean sorcerers vs sandal-footed bare chested spear-wielding sun worshippers? Fuck, Im totally in.. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved.


Glorantha Second Age

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Glorantha - The Second Age, Races of Glorantha #1

So honest and brutal opinion is this product line any good? I went on a spending spree when the MRQ stuff first came out and they got sent straight to the dark corner of my hard drive unread. Now I'm looking to get a Mythras game going I've been delving into the various MRQ books for material but with RQG coming soon ish was wondering if I'd get any mileage out of the Glorantha specific books? Greg and I both consider the Mongoose period to be the lowest point for the RuneQuest brand.


One of the oldest settings of any roleplaying game is back, and more comprehensive than ever! Covering every nation of Glorantha, this book lists the histories, myths and cultures of the world, complete with maps and detailed illustrations that bring the setting to life. Glorantha is a world permeated by magic and shaped by myths. Its heroes achieve power by questing for runes, physical manifestations of the eternal abstract forces that shape its destiny. Eventually they graduate to even more powerful magics, learning to gain power by emulating the deeds of the gods, mastering the arcane formulae of the sorcerous arts, allying with spirits, or achieving meditative awareness of life's unknowable secrets. In doing so, they draw on one or more of the mythic Otherworlds surrounding their everyday material world.



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