A passive optical network PON is a fiber-optic telecommunications technology for delivering broadband network access to end-customers. Its architecture implements a point-to-multipoint topology, in which a single optical fiber serves multiple endpoints by using unpowered passive fiber optic splitters to divide the fiber bandwidth among multiple access points. Passive optical networks are often referred to as the " last mile " between an Internet service provider ISP and its customers. A passive optical network consists of an optical line terminal OLT at the service provider's central office hub and a number of optical network units ONUs or optical network terminals ONTs , near end users. A PON reduces the amount of fiber and central office equipment required compared with point-to-point architectures.

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This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Please find the answer below. The smallest traffic channel in GPON. The GEM port is the virtual connection used to identify the service traffic. Each GEM port beans one kind of service traffic. I is allocated by OLT i. Header information is automatically encapsulated into GEMframes. The mapping format is clear and has good compatibility.

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Passive optical network

It allows GEM to encapsulate variable-length packets with minimal encapsulation overhead. Figure 1. In order to identify frames GEM contains 5-byte header at the beginning. It allows ignoring the alignment information between consecutive frames. As shown in Figure 1 header is made of four fields. Each field is carrying significant part of information required for successful data transmission as shown in Table 1. Appropriate level of encapsulation is achieved by fragmenting data in GEM frame, so no more encapsulation is required.


GEM ports description and usage in the GPON technology

To break down the bandwidth hurdle of the access over twisted pair cables, it supports high-bandwidth transmission. The downstream transmission, i. PON system may be symmetrical or asymmetrical. PON and fiber infrastructure can also be used for supporting any one-way distributive service. For example — Video at a different wavelength. One of the basic requirements of an optical system is to provide components with sufficient capacity to extend the optical signal to the expected range. There are three categories or classes of components, which are based on power and sensitivity.



This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Please find the answer below. The smallest traffic channel in GPON.

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