Inside is a full range of functionality. It has a large fan andefficient cooling process. Ideal for situations when unit must be setclose to operations desk or used in a quiet environment. It can also beequipped with a secondary power source for excellent redundancy option.

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Available File List page page - Appendix 2. Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Chapters Table Of Contents 8 Appendix 3 For-a digital video switcher hvshs, operation unit hvsou pages. Digital video switcher and hanabi operation unit pages. Switch FOR. Page 2 Sec. Caution Disconnect power cord by connector only.

Do not pull on cable portion. Do not place or drop heavy or sharp-edged objects on power cord. A damaged cord can cause fire or electrical shock hazards. Page 4 [Circuitry Access] Do not remove covers, panels, casing, or access circuitry with power applied to the unit! Turn power off and disconnect power cord prior to removal. The following standard methods for operation are available. These control methods can exist together in the same system.

Page 7 Installing the AC Cord Retaining Clip 1 Insert both ends of the retaining clip into the holes on the sides of the hexagon head screws. Page 8: Table Of Contents About This Manual Panel Descriptions Option Slots Page 9 Setting Up the Matte Color Setting Up the Gradation Matte Setting Up Additional Inputs Video Outputs How to Select Aux Signals Selecting Video via Bus Buttons Page 10 9. Modifying Patterns Preset Pattern Groups Modified Patterns Pattern Modify Example1 Pattern Pattern Modify Example2 Pattern Page 11 Clip Memory Recording Video Recording Video and Key Recording Modes Playing Clips Page 12 Playing Back Sequences Quick Recall Direct Mode Editing Sequences: Adding or Inserting Steps Editing Sequences: Copying and Deleting Steps Page 13 Copying and Clearing Playlists Assigning Router Channel to RS port Assigning Router Control Function Page 14 Installed Options Upgrading Operational Version How to Verify Version Loading Setting Data Connecting Control and Remote Panels Page Prior To Starting FOR-A provides a wide range of products, from basic support units to complex system controllers, which have been increasingly joined by products for computer video based systems.

Whatever your needs, talk to your FOR-A representative. We will do our best to be of continuing service to you. Page About This Manual About This Manual This manual is intended to help the user easily operate the Hanabi series switchers and make full use of their functions during operations. Before configuring or operating your system, read this operation manual thoroughly to ensure you understand the product.

After reading, it is important to keep this manual in a safe place and available for future reference. Page Panel Descriptions Unlit installed. Lit red when a cooling fan fails. In such a case, power off the unit and consult your FOR-A supplier. The indicator is normally unlit. Page 20 The indicator blinks red when an alarm occurs. Page Interfaces Interfaces Page Gpi In Connector Signal ground The pin assignment shown above is the factory default assignment. See section " ". Pin assignments can be changed via operational menus.

Output signal Pin No. Use the supplied or commercially-prepared pin D-sub male connector with inch screws for making a connection cable. Page Connection 3.

Connection Page Optional Configuration System Signal Format Selection at Initial Use When first switching on your unit, please select a signal format as shown below. Page Menu Operations 4. Menu Operations How to Access Menus Page How To Set Values How to Set Values Displaying Parameters See section If a menu has multiple submenus such as the SETUP menu, navigate to submenus following the procedure below.

Changing Settings or Values Using the Numeric Keypad Users can also use the keypad to input numerical settings to a menu. The procedure example for changing the matte color by using the keypad is as follows.

Changing Settings or Values Using the Joystick Users can also use the joystick to set position, size and color settings to specific parameters. How to Return Settings to Default Returning Parameters to Default Pressing and holding down Control Push-buttons Press and hold the control push-button F1 - F4 below each parameter to return their settings to factory default. Page Video Sources 5. Video Sources User names can be given to input signals, internally generated black matt and matt signals, and still pictures.

Page Resize Function Changing The Side Panel Image The side panel image of video can be changed as shown in the procedure below. Page Frame Synchronizer Frame Synchronizer A video frame synchronizer is provided for every input this includes optional inputs.

It is used to synchronize asynchronous signals.


FOR-A HVS-350HS Operation Manual




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