Select Actaris to the manufacturer and you can read the meter. Thanks in advance for you help, but i still cant read it. It replies a textbox with "failed to receive reply from the device in given time" I am doing the connection via serial and baudrate. Any tips? Okay, i could start the process but it is now telling me "you cant convert a System.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form by any means without the written permission of Itron S.

All trade marks are acknowledged. Page 3: Table Of Contents Contents 1. About this guide Applicable standards CE Certificate of conformity End-of-life disposal Demand calculation End of integration EOI Excess demand modes Load profiles Excess energy Meter billing Billing periods Page 5: About This Guide 1.

Preliminary notice While Itron strives to make the content of its marketing materials as timely and accurate as possible, Itron makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of, and expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in, such materials.

No warranty of any kind, implied, expressed, or statutory, including but not limited to the warranties of non-infringement of third party rights, title, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose, is given with respect to the content of these marketing materials.

Page 9: Certification The HF resistance is relative to the frequency domain from 2kHz to kHz, the immunity levels are far in excess of the values generated by LV loads. The following outline the approval standards in the regulated frequency ranges which all Itron MID approved meters comply with: EN — Compliance has been demonstrated by compliance with EN and EN Page End-Of-Life Disposal 3. Page Safety Information Safety information Meters must be installed and maintained only by suitably-qualified personnel.

Observe the following safety advice when performing installation or service work on meters. Meter handling Before installing or removing a meter, or removing the terminal cover for any reason, isolate the meter from the mains supply by removing the supply-side fuses or using alternative local arrangements. Page General Information General information 5. Meter overview The ACE is a static, polyphase, four-quadrant, multi-rate meter.

It is intended for large commercial to industrial applications. Page Meter Support Tools 5. Meter support tools The ACE meters have an extensive range of optional facilities and settings, enabling them to be configured to suit individual requirements.

In general, a meter is fully configured and programmed for its intended application prior to despatch from the factory. Page 19 Erreur!

Meter markings The meter cover is laser-marked with at least the information illustrated below, in accordance with IEC Additional markings may be present, and the layout of the markings will vary, according to the meter configuration and specific customer requirements. Page Terminal Numbering Erreur! Terminal numbering Terminal numbers corresponding to the connection diagram are moulded into the meter case, below the terminal block.

Auxiliary terminal labels are laser-printed onto the case, adjacent to the terminals. Any terminal numbering will be in accordance with the relevant DIN standard at the time of manufacture unless alternative custom numbering is requested. Page 25 Erreur! IEC With current These filters make the metrology resistant against High Frequency HF currents superimposed on 50Hz nominal currents and added harmonic currents and also resistant against HF voltage superimposed on 50Hz nominal voltages and added harmonic voltages.

Page Power Supplies 7. Power-fail operation In the event of a continuous absence of power, all ACE meter data is saved in a non-volatile memory, with a retention time of at least 10 years without the aid of any backup power. The contents of the non-volatile memory are regularly checked with checksum markers and a fatal alarm page 56 is raised if data corruption is detected. Calendar The calendar provides a flexible and configurable switching regime that handles up to sixteen energy rate switches per day.

The calendar also has the ability to apply different energy rate regimes during different seasons of the year and on designated individual days. Page Seasons Erreur! Seasons The meter supports up to twelve seasons per year, for which different tariff regimes can be programmed. Indexes The contractually specified tariffs define the energy and demand rates being used by the meter. However, in many cases, active energy has more rates defined for billing purposes than reactive energy.

An index describes a combination of energy and demand rates that are activated simultaneously. Page 33 Erreur! During a power failure, the super-capacitor is the first backup device to be drained. An icon on the LCD is lit when the battery voltage falls below a preset threshold value nominal battery voltage value 3V.

Reading without power RWP The meter can be factory-fitted with an option that allows meter reading even when main network power is missing. Page Metered Quantities Erreur! Metered quantities 7. Four quadrant metering The meter measures various energy values or quantities, in all four quadrants of the AC waveform. Page Summation Energy Erreur! Summation energy The meter can be configured with up to four summation energy registers that algebraically sum the contents of up to five energy rate registers recording the same type of energy.

Summation - 4 Quantities Quantity Summation energy quantities can be measured in Total energy registers TER Total energy registers TER are: dedicated to storing the total accumulation of an energy quantity independent of any tariff switching or calendar definition not reset at the end of a billing period Page Energy Rate Registers Erreur!

Energy rate registers The meter records the consumption of all tariff-based metered energy in up to thirty-two individual energy rate registers. Each of the meter energy channels page 36 can have a maximum allocation of eight energy rate registers from within this limit. Summation registers The meter can be configured with up to four summation energy registers that algebraically sum the contents of up to five energy rate registers recording the same type of energy.

Page Demand Channels Erreur! Demand channels For demand registering purposes the meter can be configured with up to ten independent demand channels, each channel being selected from the list of available measured energy quantities. In addition, the calculated aggregate power factor can be allocated to a demand channel. Page Demand Calculation Erreur! Sliding mode In the sliding mode the demand period is divided into between 1 and 15 fixed integration periods.

End of integration EOI The meter can be configured so that up to five different sources can trigger an end of integration period EOI : the meter real-time clock a time change an active signal on a control input Page 45 Erreur! End of integration If the threshold value is exceeded during the integration period, the meter indicates an excess at the end of the integration period and during subsequent integration periods. At the end of each integration period the excess demand indicators are reset only if the rising value has remained lower than the excess threshold.

Load profiles Load profiles are of interest to both the utility and the end customer as they can help determine which electricity contract and tariff rates may be the most appropriate. As well as analysis, load profile data can be used for billing purposes. Page Excess Energy Erreur! Excess energy Up to three channels in each load profile array can be configured as excess energy channels.

These are triggered to record energy quantities once the specified quantity has exceeded a configurable threshold. These channels can also be configured as simple load profile channels.

This prevents any further spurious or unnecessary EOB events from occurring. Page 49 Erreur! Network quality monitoring As a manufacturing option, 4 wire system meters can be configured to monitor various distribution-network voltage-quality parameters.

However, this facility is only available if specifically requested at the time of manufacture and it is not available on 3 wire system meters. Page 51 Erreur! Voltage sags A voltage sag is detected if the distribution-network input voltage drops below the sag start threshold value and continues until the voltage rises above the sag end threshold value.

However, if the input voltage drops below the sag start threshold and then subsequently drops below the cut start threshold, the sag defect is ignored as a cut start always erases a sag start. Monitoring The meter monitors and records events in the following categories: Network Anti-tamper or fraud Meter status Billing Note: Some of the monitored events could exist in more than one category.

Monitored events Event name Network Page 53 Erreur! Frequency The meter calculates the instantaneous frequency of the distribution-network voltage waveform using a zero crossing technique that ensures an accurate result even if one or two incoming phases are lost.

The maximum and minimum frequency values within a billing period page 45 are recorded by the meter. Page 54 ACE User Guide Cover opening The meter detects cover opening events and records the following parameters: number of cover openings incremental the last 10 cover openings with time stamp and duration The meter detects and records the first cover opening event during a power failure.

Page Fraud Protection Measures 7. Meter and terminal seals The meter body and terminal cover may be independently sealed with conventional wire or plastic seals. Magnetic field detection The meter can be optionally factory-equipped with a sensor that detects external magnetic fields.


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