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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. David Martinez. Me"AMCi, w". Girnff" C,l. Divide the heod i n the middle for construction; it's o nalurol division. Beor in mind that tho eyes ore usvolly on the ride of fhe heod D r o r your guide liner when constructing.

With bears. It it b e l l to keep these box forml in mind when working with. In zkefching, i t is helplul to indicote the positions, or pivot points, on the sketch. T- A diogrom such or the one obove will prove helpful when you hove form. At such o time.

In the deer sketch, the stretched neck also help to convey tenlion. In o very tired pore, like that of the horse, the effea requires or much dmop or posrlble Animolr shift their weight from lea to leg when tired.

Their hcodr hens low. To conray excitement, flaring h e mones of the honer wor helpfvl The neshils om sors back, and the whites of h e s p s visible. The nack muscles o n tout. The head of the fonher onimol on the other cot's bock airas the scene a quiet pence. Whmtevar the mood, see ;Imsntolly befor, you fort to rork. How con I make fh,, POI.

Wlh ,hh arc h. Obrewe in m e m,ddle d.. Note tho, the left log st! There is olwovr o pivot point, but even that pivot pmnf ir movable, ol below. Arrows indicote the flow of action. The use of reverm action is p o d Note. Note legs. The legs ore firsf to reocl. Similarly, the horre in fhir care regotnr more of his narmol or he slaws down in the roll. Since the fur textures of to have the tip 01 the brmh flat, with the thin ol,o. To ,how ,he high sheen of f,, exvmpl. Regordlerr of the technique, I alwoyr hold Shagginelr, w h r h is o characteristic of my bruxh or I would o pencil, using wrist octlon some cornel.

Nafurallr the. Note variely in shape The wo high poinh are support for lag bones. V i e r thoring shape of skull. Finished leg. For sketching purposes, you can think of it os simply or this. Nole sockoh for logs. L in a hona'r head, rnnca hen ore so many planes to consider. Once you ore fornillor with the. Thinking of the head in two sections may help you. Your eve is o p r e m good judge. As a proctics srsrc8se. For show purposes, h e lags ore feathered out. TW to coplure tho!

Concentrate on bazic first, and then work to the minor ones When doing this, sketch in your lines. Note larger stripes on reor. O n the colt. I exaggerated tho length of the legs, the shortness of the body, and the high crown ond small muzzle. The teeth hove it in this one. Hones' teeth do protrude a t nearly o 45'. They ore quite knock-kneed at an eorly oge Like morl young oni.

I in mmp. The iow ir broad Obsens h e poralld between the common domestic cot and the wild pvmo ype. For the feeling ot rhythm, weom your forms toeether. On a n adulf I? Obsene the shihing of hindquartan quortan gathe, bendoh him. Body in push-off. Note strong line Forelegs orch up, prsporing lo lond. I Right forelea toke, weight in Imndins Rlghf hind Thi3 Left foreloo stretches for ground.

I use a wet brush, ". The chin whiskers ore exoger- roted, a n d the tip of tho toll IS full to obtain o flare effect. Iiks draw- ing 01 the top ,ugs. Unlike most onimolr, the onale of the eye ir different from lhot of the mouth. The eyer ore wide-set, ond protrude from the heod, somewhat lake those of the giraffe. The hump is not attached to. The sketch below shews how fot hones over h e body.

The nose is looser, the eon are more erect. From the bock the wort hog closely resembles the common pig. Jowls ond all-oround basfinass ors good points of exaggemt,on, 03 well 03 m o l l srss ond heavy, floppy son. On the psg below urns of chs5t ond how hmod is buried the "orrow ,houlde,, ornphal,. Contrast esablishas types more definimly. They ore flexible in body. The eorr ore low to give o heavy effect Bulldog Sheep Dog Exoggsrotsd heoviners of chest, short, Eioggeroted woolliners.

Ths toil wo, stockv bowlegr, ond marrive iaw. FOXES s In the above sketch poinh of siag- esration ore: small, pointed nose, slender lags, small feet, pointed. The body is short and rmoll. The toil is long ond pointad and quite full at. The toil is very imporlonf l o tnngorool, rlnce thel use it or a rud- der ond la help suppan their welght Becourc of its prominence.

But studying motion-picture frome, reveols thot lhey are copoble of reolly spreading out. Bunnies ore olwoys fun to draw. It is well to use a dry brush for sohnerr. Jump Not. It is etpeciolly interetlinp to work wjth their jowls ond The bvcktasth add to the comic dfect, ond their eors can be used in various woyr for expression. The ooorooch. O n actson drawings below, how ,he h;,d Idos and trunk ore I.

I oppored the position of the heod to tho, o f the lhe of movement of the body Note pull of loose skin beheen head ond chert in the drarlng or lover lek. To create ,comic effects, I. The upper dmwing Ir in. I congruous because of the u5a of long legs ond large feet.

In the lower drawing, ths emphmlir is on ths huge bodl and Ions trunk. A numbor of 0th.. Work lines or posible when drowino them-the tendency is 10 ule loo many 6uner8 Remember the three body breaks; note bear below. For rtondine positions, think of the three unltr which I hove indlcoted below The high point of the witherr breaks the flow of form beween the neck and the bock.


The Art of Animal Drawing: Construction, Action Analysis, Caricature

Ken Hultgren. This thoughtful and incisive guidebook, written by a former animator for Walt Disney Studios, will help artists at many skill levels improve their ability to draw a wide variety of animal forms both realistically and as caricatures. You'll learn why the author considers construction, action analysis, and caricature all-important for a clear understanding of animal anatomy and movement. You'll also benefit from Mr. Hultgren's expert advice and tips on catching the essential movement and character of animals and avoiding the stiff, wooden poses that are the frequent and unfortunate result of much sketching of animals from life. Throughout, the emphasis is on construction drawings there are over line illustrations and halftones rather than on text.





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