Quick Links. TGx e. Charge the batteries for about 7 hours before initial use. Please read these operating instructions before using the unit and save.

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Page Count: KX TG Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic product. Please r ead the se operating instru ctions before using th e unit and save. Charge th e batteries for about 7 hours before initial u se. Model No. TGx e. T able of Contents. Model composition. Access ory informat ion. For your safety. Import ant safet y instructio ns. For best performa nce. Other informatio n. S pec ifications.

Settin g up. Note when setting up. Control s. Init ial se ttin gs. Mak ing cal ls. Answerin g calls. Useful fea tures duri ng a call. S peed dial. Programmab le Settin gs. Ringer settings. T elephone settings. Useful Info rmatio n. T roubleshooting.

W all mounting. L The suffix BX in the following model numbers w ill be omitted in these instructions:. Supplie d accessories. Please contact your n earest Panas onic dealer for sales information. Base unit Handset. Part No. Quantit y. Accessory item Order number. Important In formation. Power connec tion. L Use only t he powe r sour ce marked on the. L Do not o verload power outlets and.

This can r esult in the r isk. Fai lure to do so. L Regular ly remov e any dust, etc. Accumulate d dust may cause an insulation. L Unp lug t he prod uct from power outlet s if it. These co nditions can. C onfirm t hat. L Unplug fro m power ou tlets and nev er touch. L Never to uch the plu g with w et hands. Danger of electri c shock exi sts. L T o pre vent the risk of fire or electrica l shock,. L Do not allow th e AC ada ptor or te lephone. Ope rating saf eguard s. L Unplug the prod uct from power ou tlets.

Do not use liquid or. L Do not di sassemble the pr oduct. L Do no t spill liq uids d etergents, cl eansers,. This ma y. If the telepho ne line cord plug. L Cons ult t he man ufac turer of any pers onal.

The pro duct. L Do no t use the p roduct in health care. Hospitals or. Installatio n and relo cation. L Never install telephone wiring d uring an. L Never install te leph one line jacks in wet. L Never touch un insulated telephone w ires or. L Use c autio n when ins tal ling or mod ifying. L The A C adapt or is use d as the m ain. Ensure that the AC. L This product is un able to make c alls when:. Important Informa tion. L We reco mmend u sing the ba tter ies n oted.

L Do no t mix old and new batt eries. L Do not ope n or mutilat e the batte ries. Released electro lyte from the batte ries i s. T he elect rolyte is toxic and. L Exercis e care when handling th e batteri es. Do not allow co nductive ma terials such a s. L Charge the batter ies pro vided with or.

L Only use a compatible base unit or. D o not. Failure to follow these instructions ma y. When us ing your product, basic safety. Do no t use this product n ear wat er for. Avoid us ing a tele phone o ther th an a. There may be a remote risk of e lectric. Do no t use the te lephon e to repor t a ga s. Use on ly the po wer cord a nd bat teries. Do no t dispose of. They may exp lode. Check with local codes for possible special.

The ba se unit a nd oth er compatibl e Panas onic. L For ma ximum co verage an d noise -free. TVs, ra dios, pe rsonal computers,. L Cover age and voice q uality depends on th e. L If the r eception fo r a ba se unit loca tion is n ot. Envir onmen t. L Keep t he product away from electr ical n oise.


Panasonic KX-TG3600BX Operating Instructions Manual



Panasonic KX-TG3600BX Manuals



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