Dumitru Constantin Dulcan. Nu numai Iubirea, Iertarea. Este extraordinar! Nimic nu a mers bine azi!

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Dumitru Constantin Dulcan. Nu numai Iubirea, Iertarea. Este extraordinar! Nimic nu a mers bine azi! Dumnezeu: Cu drag, copile. Multi oameni au perceptia ca Dumnezeu pedepseste. Adevarul este ca, pur si simplu exista niste legi divine care actioneaza in viata unui om la fel ca si legile In al doilea rand, sub aspect psihologic si din perspectiva logicii umane, este perfect natural si normal ca un om sa aiba trairi negative cand se confrunta cu o situatie urata. Dar omul traieste in doua regimuri: uman si divin.

Din perspectiva sufletului, care este de origine divina, orice traire care este opusul bucuriei si al iubirii- atributele divinului- la nivel de suflet arata ca o agresivitate impotriva divinului.

De ce? Pentru ca omul care se supara, uraste, se intristeaza, judeca, invidiaza, dispera, se infurie, are pretentii etc nu poate sa vada si sa accepte ca in ABSOLUT orice situatie de viata este Dumnezeu. Pentru ca sufletul functioneaza dupa niste legi la fel ca si lumea fizica. Conform acestor legi, orice dezechilibre care se produc atunci cand omul incalca prouncile divine - cele 10 porunci biblice la nivel de suflet se transforma in programe distructive care devin boli sau necazuri in virtutea faptului ca tot ceea ce exista are o structura de camp energetic si Dumnezeu controleaza tot prin aceste structuri de camp - lumea vizibila, materiala si invizibila.

Pe scurt, tot ceea un om trebuie sa faca este sa vada si sa accepte ca Dumnezeu guverneaza absolut orice aspect din viata sa, deoarece in Biblie este spus ca niciun fir de par din capul omului nu cade fara voia lui Dumnezeu.

Iubirea fata de Dumnezeu este chiar acest lucru: acceptarea totala si absoluta a voii divine pentru ca, la nivel subtil, de suflet, nu exista bine sau rau! Aceste lucru este, desigur, greu de inteles de un om necredincios, care nu se poate raporta la o Cauza primara a tuturor lucrurilor si concepe lumea doar prin prisma ratiunii si a materiei.

Dar chiar si pentru omul credincios este greu sa accepte suferinta, pierderea sau neimplinirea. Si acest lucru este greu cand omul, indiferent daca este sau nu credincios, are un atasament puternic fata de existenta umana. Si daca are acest atasament uman, atunci se va supara, se va infuria, va fi gelos, posesiv, se va intrista, va intra in depresie, va invidia, va judeca, va uri, nu va putea ierta, va avea pretentii sau nemultumiri daca nu are control asupra unei situatii sau daca pierde ceva sau pe cineva.

Omul trebuie sa simta ca nimic din aceasta existenta nu este vesnic in afara de Dumnezeu. Si doar daca reuseste sa simta la nivel profund, subconstient, acest lucru, atunci orice fel de pierdere sau neimplinire nu ii va mai produce astfel de trairi negative.

Dar pentru ca cineva sa ajunga sa simta astfel, este nevoie de constientizare profunda si o decizie constienta de lucru cu sine pe termen lung ca sa isi schimbe sentimentele.

Si acest lucru se poate intampla doar daca o persoana incepe sa se identifice mai mult cu sufletul si mai putin cu mintea, adica cu partea sa egotica. Pentru ca orgoliul - eul uman- este ceea ce ne da perceptia pierderilor, a lipsurilor, a neimplinirilor si a suferintelor. Nu sufletul care este parte din Dumnezeu.

Aceasta este pe scurt ceea ce puteti concluziona daca reusiti sa parcurgeti cele peste 40 carti ale lui SN Lazarev publicate in ultimii 25 de ani sau materiale video disponibile fie in format DVD sau pe youtube in care explica in detaliu toate acestea. Dar care este motivul? Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. Lazarev - Diagnosticarea karmei Public group.

Join Group settings More. Camelia Cristil shared a post. May 29 at PM. Lazarev Romania shared a post. May 31 at AM. Lazarev Romania. Learn More. Lazarev Romania May 31 at AM. Since we are asked on Facebook and private groups if tickets can still be purchased for today's practice, we have decided not to stop registrations, so those who want to participate can still do so.

Everyone who signs up will receive the access link until the streaming begins pm Romania time. Please pass this message on if you consider it useful. Thank you and we look forward to your practice. Lazarev will be joining us starting at and will be with us throughout the 7 days of practice.

SN Lazarev Romania team Translated. Camelia Cristil shared a link. May 21 at AM. Lazarev Romania May 21 at AM. The crisis facing the world right now is a result of our own character and behavior. Why has humanity come to this point? Because the interests of the body were put above the interests of the soul.

And when the soul is pushed under the red line, it activates drastic mechanisms for rebalancing the fields.

All the constraints we live, all limitations of freedom and many more drastic measures to come in the future are nothing but divine coercion mechanisms to help us get back to what is most important - our soul and connection to the Creator I wish you a lot of time Even harder times will follow in the future if humanity will not willingly change its order of priorities and character.

Humanity's only chance to avoid future dangers is working with self, straightening character, behavior change, changing the world vision. The root of all sins and all diseases is pride beyond measure, and exacerbated pride prevents man from thinking healthy and understanding the interconnection of events that happen with him.

This is exactly why it is difficult for a man to determine the manifestations of pride inside himself and to understand what is the leading cause of his diseases and other negative life events. In the practice of "Defeating pride", Serghey Nikolaevich will talk about pride, the main sin of humanity, about defeating him, what we need to do and why it is very important to deal with defeat pride.

Details of this practice you can find on the author's official website at the "Online Tutoring" section. May 3. Loredana Rosca-Theuschl is with Mihai Canciu.

April Lazarev Romania April SN Lazarev. The most important energy - the energy of the soul. It activates when the man refrains from sex, starves himself, detaches himself. The more sweet a man eats and any other dish, the less he moves, the more consumer oriented and pleasure, the more outdoor energy he receives and the more his main vital energy, the subtle one , she becomes weaker, later, defending the diseases. Starvation heals a man's body because it heals his soul.

The moment a man starves himself, his soul detaches from all earthly things, opens to the Divine and then comes a new, pure energy into the soul. If a man does not worship sex, food and other pleasures, if he regrets and prays periodically, his soul purifies. For this reason, proper food, sport, horseback, abstinence and periodic starvation are a benefit, primarily for the soul and, for this reason, all this is also beneficial for the body.

First, a man loses his connection with God. We receive the greatest happiness, the greatest pleasure through unity with the Creator.

When we lose the feeling of unity with God, the need to somehow fill the insufficiency of this happiness. Because of this, we begin to worship physical, spiritual, soul pleasures. Pleasure attaches man to life, to all aspects of existence. And as my research demonstrates, attachment gives rise to aggression. Both aggression and character deformities are consequences of attachment to the world. The more a man worships his own instincts, his own desires, sex, food, work, loved people, the more aggressive his soul becomes and the more his character warms.

If a man cannot master his own desires and needs for the purpose of saving his soul, if he is not detained in terms of sex, in terms of food or in work, then such a man is essentially sick. The lack of temperance towards food and sex is the future problems not only of the man himself, but also of future children and grandchildren.

SN Lazarev Translated. SN Lazarev God has no hate, no sorrows, no regrets, no fears, it's just love and joy! It means that we must do everything with love and joy in our hearts. Carmen Maria Pastiu April Dumnezeu: Sigur! Dumnezeu: Promit! Dumnezeu: Hmmm Eu umilit : Oh! Eu: Of! See More. Many people have the perception that God punishes.

The truth is, there are simply some divine laws that act in a man's life just like the physical laws of the material world. Secondly, in a psychological aspect and from the perspective of human logic, it is perfectly natural and normal for a man to have negative feelings when facing an ugly situation. But man lives in two regimes: human and divine. From the perspective of the soul, which is of divine origin, any feeling that is the opposite of joy and love-the attributes of the divine-at the soul level looks like aggression against the divine.

Because the man who gets upset, hates, gets sad, judges, envy, despair, gets angry, claims etc cannot see and accept that in absolutely every life situation is God.


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