Sundowners by Lesley Lokko. An Absolute Deception by Lokko, Lesley. Bitter Chocolate by Lokko, Lesley. Sundowners by Lokko, Lesley. Be the first to write a review.

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Biografia del autor. Del al 25 de Ordenar por. Pero cuenta con dos amigas que la ayudan a sobrellevar las circunstancias. Laure, seventeen, beautiful and already abandoned twice in her young life. Once by the glamorous mother she can barely remember, a woman who brought shame on the St Lazare family name and fled to America; and then again by a handsome soldier who left her pregnant and alone, facing the wrath of her grandmother.

Amelie, caught in a world where she's neither servant nor mistress, trapped between the St Lazare family she's always worked for and the simmering hostility of a country on the verge of meltdown. With a past she knows nothing about and no family of her own, she yearns to find a place that can be home. Melanie, the rock star's daughter who has everything money can buy except the love she craves.

A daddy's girl caught in a whirl of damaging relationships, testing those closest to her. In one man she sees the chance to change her life for ever, but at what price? In a beachfront mansion in Martha's Vineyard, Annick and Rebecca relax, safe in the knowledge that their young children are in the care of life-long friend Tash.

But by the end of the afternoon, one of the children will have vanished Annick, daughter of an actress and an assassinated president, has spent her life running from the truth of her family's wealth.

Rebecca has always done the right thing. Perfect daughter. Perfect wife. Perfect mother. She's beginning to wonder if she'll ever get chance to live for herself. And Tash, free from the poverty of her heritage, has the world at her feet. So why is she struggling to keep a grip on her life? This is the sweeping story of three very different women; their pasts, their secrets, and their friendship.

Lexi Sturgis is a woman in a man's world, a war correspondent whose life has taken her to some of the world's most troubled regions. Lexi is never happier than when she's dodging bullets, chasing down the leads that other reporters only dream of getting, or swapping stories with her rivals at the bar. She thrives on risk, danger and the thrill of the chase, while keeping everyone else at arm's length - colleagues, friends and lovers. With her career nose-diving and her colleagues circling for her job, she needs to pull something major out of the hat.

And Lexi might just be what she needs. When a young British woman is kidnapped in Egypt, both Lexi and Jane are thrown together on a journey which will change their lives entirely. It will take them into a world where no one is quite what they seem and menace lurks in every corner. Sometimes, when your back's against the wall, the only thing to do is trust in the person closest to you Nothing fazes Lexi Sturgis.

She's faced bullets, battles and bitter rivals to chase news stories other reporters would kill for. Living for risk and adventure, she abides by one rule: don't let anyone get too close. Jane Marshall is feeling desperate. Her family is in disarray and her once high-flying TV career is sinking. She needs a big scoop, fast - and it seems Lexi might be the one to help. For dedicated medical student Deena, the horrors of a war-torn Egypt are too shocking to ignore. She travels across the world to offer help, leaving her younger sister shattered with worry.

In a journey fraught with danger, secrets and uncertainty, these women are thrown together in an extraordinary struggle. Can they overcome the pains of their pasts and find the courage to trust each other? Sam, the ugly duckling who grew into a swan Now beautiful and wealthy, with a glittering career, no one can understand why she's still on her own When she meets a handsome stranger on holiday, things finally seem to be falling into place Meaghan, a true survivor Lesley LokkoNic, Caryn and Tory: three girls who form a friendship that should last a lifetime.

Nic is the daughter of a white Zimbabwean business tycoon. Despite a life of jaw-dropping wealth and privilege, all she really wants is a bit of attention from daddy. Caryn never met her father - but growing up on a tough London sink estate, she had other things to worry about. Like getting out and moving on. Tory just yearns for some space to be herself. Living in the shadow of your dead sister is tough, particularly when she seemed to be everything you're not.

Then beautiful, ruthless Estelle McKenzie appears on the scene. Estelle has a secret - and one way or another, she's going to make each woman pay a very high price for it. A captivating family drama about sisters and long-held secrets spanning from the s to the present day, perfect for fans of Downton Abbey.

As the dressmaker puts the last pins in her dress, thirteen-year-old Kit is wondering why she has to go through the charade of seeing her sister Lily presented at Court. With her waves of auburn hair and her piercing green eyes, Kit knows that her sister's place on the social scene is guaranteed regardless of her dress, and as the door to a life of parties and eligible young men opens for Lily, Kit must make do with tiptoeing around the gallery of Chalfont, eavesdropping on the conversations of the grown-ups.

But the arrival of a German visitor one evening soon sets in motion a chain of events that none of the family could have anticipated.

Years later, the aftershock of events will be felt by a new generation The glorious new novel from the bestselling Lesley Lokko; an epic tale of three women whose lives interweave over decades. Bolsillo 13 Tapa blanda 9 Otros formatos 2 Tapa dura 1. Compra segura.

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Bitter Chocolate

Melanie, on the other hand, was a confusing and chaotic character who I could have done without. Nov 11, Rachel rated it liked it. The last few chapters were awkward and stilted. Another perfectly indulgent offering from Lesley Lokko. Tre caratteri, educazioni, ceti sociali diversi. Well, the other one was a jerk too. The characters shine in their own light, all of them vastly different from the others.


Cioccolato amaro

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