Introduction: Cystic tumors of the neck are rare in adults. Some of them include metastatic nodes, branchial cysts, thyroglossal cysts and lymphangiomas, among others. Clinically speaking, lymphangiomas are slow-growing soft masses located in different spaces of the neck. Case report: This paper reports the case of a year-old woman presenting with lymphangioma, who consulted due to a right lateral mass in the neck of 20 days of evolution without associated systemic symptoms. Although relapse is frequent, the patient was successfully treated with surgery, without evidence of recurrence at 12 months of follow-up. Discussion: When cystic tumors of the neck occur in children, surgical urgencies may arise due to obstruction of the airway.

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Cervical lymphangioma: therapeutic management with OK Picibanil. Villanueva San Vicente 2 , M. Segarra Fenoll 2 , M. Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca, Murcia. Introduction: Lymphangioma is a malformation of the lymphatic system.

The classic approach is surgery. OK Picibanil has sclerosing action and is being used as the first therapeutic step. The objective was to report a new case of lymphangioma treated with OK and to review the literature. Material and method: We report the case of a year-old man with a 10x6-cm macrocystic cervical lymphangioma treated with a dose of OK Results: At 16 weeks of treatment, the size of the lymphangioma was 6x2 cm and it was clinically unappreciable.

Discussion: OK treatment has a high cure rate, low recurrence rate, and fibrosis circumscribed to the lesion. Compared to surgery, scars and possible harm to vital structures are avoided.

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Case reports

Background: Lymphangiomas are congenital malformations or acquired secondary to trauma, infection or neoplasia in the mammary gland, are extremely rare. These lesions tend to infiltrate surrounding tissues and malignant degeneration is extremely rare. Clinically manifests as benign masses, slow growing; diagnosed clinically and by imaging studies. Suegery with removal of the mass is performed for aesthetic reasons and to make differential diagnosis with other common injuries.


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Cervical lymphangioma: therapeutic management with OK Picibanil. Villanueva San Vicente 2 , M. Segarra Fenoll 2 , M. Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca, Murcia.



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