Musashi is a Kodansha International publication. Voltar Musashi Edwin O. Saiba mais. Leia mais Leia menos. James Clavell.

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Musashi is a Kodansha International publication. Voltar Musashi Edwin O. Saiba mais. Leia mais Leia menos. James Clavell. The Book of Five Rings. Miyamoto Musashi. Eiji Yoshikawa. Hagakure: The Secret Wisdom of the Samurai. Musashi - Volume I: Volume 1.

Musashi - Volume II: Volume 2. Musashi - Box 3 volumes. Sun Tzu. There were thousands of them. He tried to raise his head, but could only lift it a few inches from the ground. He couldn't remember ever feeling so weak. Flies came buzzing around his head. He wanted to brush them away, but couldn't even muster the energy to raise his arm. It was stiff, almost brittle, like the rest of his body.

Little did he know he was wounded, with two bullets lodged firmly in his thigh. Low, dark clouds shifted ominously across the sky. The night before, sometime between midnight and dawn, a blinding rain had drenched the plain of Sekigahara.

It was now past noon on the fifteenth of the ninth month of Though the typhoon had passed, now and then fresh torrents of rain would fall on the corpses and onto Takezo's upturned face.

Each time it came, he'd open and close his mouth like a fish, trying to drink in the droplets. His head was numb, his thoughts the fleeting shadows of delirium. His side had lost. He knew that much. Kobayakawa Hideaki, supposedly an ally, had been secretly in league with the Eastern Army, and when he turned on Ishida Mitsunari's troops at twilight, the tide of battle turned too. He then attacked the armies of other commanders--Ukita, Shimazu and Konishi--and the collapse of the Western Army was complete.

In only half a day's fighting, the question of who would henceforth rule the country was settled. It was Tokugawa Ieyasu, the powerful Edo daimyo. Images of his sister and the old villagers floated before his eyes. Suddenly one of the nearby corpses raised its head. As if awakened from the dead, he turned his head toward the sound.

The voice, he was sure, was that of his best friend. With all his strength he raised himself slightly, squeezing out a whisper barely audible above the pelting rain.

Are you really alive? You'd better not die either. Don't you dare! No, sir. He made a grab for Takezo's hand but only caught his small finger with his own. As childhood friends they'd often sealed promises with this gesture. He came closer and gripped the whole hand. We must be the only survivors. I haven't tried to get up yet. Let's get out of here! More trouble coming! Peeking through their arms, they watched the approaching whirlwind close in on them. Then they were nearer, lines of jet-black horsemen hurtling directly toward them.

They're back! Takezo seized his ankle, nearly breaking it, and yanked him to the ground. In a moment the horses were flying past them--hundreds of muddy lethal hooves galloping in formation, riding roughshod over the fallen samurai.

Battle cries on their lips, their armor and weapons clinking and clanking, the riders came on and on. Matahachi lay on his stomach, eyes closed, hoping against hope they would not be trampled, but Takezo stared unblinkingly upward. The horses passed so close they could smell their sweat. Then it was over. David H. Tente novamente mais tarde.

Compra verificada. Despite the huge size of this book, I read it all in about two sittings. The story is captivating as well as the characters. It's informative as it describes old japan and old customs. Miyamoto Musashi is undoubtedly one of the most famous figures from Japanese history.

This book kindle edition is well written with some nice picturesque descriptions but without being overly wordy or detracting from the main story. That being said, the story focuses on the roaming adventures and humble reflections of Musashi. The writing style is gripping because you become engrossed in the towns of Japan, the characters of the book, and the gentle touches of zen philosophy throughout.

Having studied Zen and Martial Arts I guess it's appealing to me, but in no way is it heavy or a book just for those with these interests. It is sprinkled with the background of Japanese etiquette and culture. This book may not be a pretentious 'masterpiece', indeed it is more than that, it is a good read that takes you away to 17th Century Japan and is entertaining.

In such away it indeed has something of 'zen' about it, being beautiful in its simplicity, directness and enjoyable reading. I find it hard to imagine anyone will dislike this book because the writing style is accessible but not trite.

For those of you interested in the warrior or in Japan, I think you may adore this book. Indeed I have taken a day off work today simply to sit in a cafe and read more of it. Desculpe, o registro do seu voto falhou. Tente novamente. I have, and had been for many years, read and enjoyed novels based on historical Japanese backgrounds. This book is grossly expensive, and over-rated.

This novel is very unsatisfactory, and I persevered to the bitter end - of pages of utter drivel. Those long hours I will never get back, and as i'm in my 60's I'm on the down-hill slope of life!! The book now lies on top of my hall cupboard - don't want to inflict it to any family members or in fact anyone else. Destination: recycling. And a sinful waste of good paper. Epic tale of a Japanese swordsman.

The story is gripping and the characters are amazing. It will help you in your life to read this. An epic novel in more ways than one.

This book illustrates a fictionalised life of Miyamoto Musashi whilst humbly incorporating zen philosophy and a the Ronin's take on the way of the sword and the art of war. There is much to be gained between the lines of this thoroughly and immersive book. I've not before been so obsessed over a book, but this one really did have me gripped from start to finish.

I'd also say it's begun to positively affect my life! I enjoyed this book from start to finish. I hope you do too. My personal favourite book ever. Bought for a friend who loved it. Happy customer. Great book, both entertaining and informative especially if you are interested in Japanese history and budo martial arts. A must read! Very nicely printed and bound.


Musashi I (Eiji Yoshikawa)

It was originally released as a serial in the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun , between and It has been re-released on books, some of which are collections of many volumes, which compile the many newspaper strips. It is a fictionalized account of the life of Miyamoto Musashi , author of The Book of Five Rings and arguably the most renowned Japanese swordsman who ever lived. The novel has been translated into English by Charles S. Terry , with a foreword by Edwin O.



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