But you can block it out. Powerful 5. Experience all your calls in premium clarity. Four noise-canceling mics and our exclusive WindSmart technology captures your voice and tunes out wind and disruptive background noise, so your voice comes through loud and clear in every call.

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The Plantronics BackBeat Pro totally wireless earbuds are comfortable to wear and stylish enough to go from the office to the gym. Battery life is above average for true wireless earbuds and sound quality makes any genre of music sound true to form.

Pairing the earbuds took a few tries but aside from that, these are a fine option for exercise enthusiasts and general consumers alike. These IPrated exercise earbuds are a pleasure to use in and out of the gym. The IPrated earbuds can withstand exposure to dust and water. Plantronics provides a microUSB cable for charging the case. Plastic and silicone makeup these workout earbuds, which keeps costs down while retaining a tough exterior. Gently sloping nozzles are angled for an ergonomic fit, which also serves to create a more comfortable seal to the ear canal.

The ear tips are made from soft silicone and rubberized plastic, the latter of which wraps around the base of either housing and clicks into place. When removing the ear tips, be sure to do so from the more structured silicone part, where the L or R is located, to avoid ripping the actual sleeve off.

The left side, however, also doubles as a capacitive touch interface. By tapping and holding the left surface, volume increases and a single tap decreases it. This can, however, be amended in the BackBeat app. My one nitpick is pressing and holding for Google Assistant access. Sometimes, I would miss the tone notifying me to let go and say a command. This meant I continued to depress the button, but doing so for too long powers the earphones down.

Suffice to say, there were multiple times when I meant to ask about the weather only to accidentally turn the BackBeat Pro off. Like most applications accompanying wireless headphones, the BackBeat app is moderately useful.

It gives a readout of remaining listening time, quick access to the user guide, the ability to remap on-board controls, and find my earbuds functionality. There are a few other settings to play around with, but none of them are particularly compelling. I never revisited the app beyond my initial exploration of it, because there was never a reason to.

There are neat features such as My Tap, which lets you assign your favorite Apple Music or Spotify playlist to a certain tap combination and more, but it felt more gimmicky than practical. Had it included an EQ adjustment setting, I may have used it more often. It is nice, though, for firmware updates. To initiate pairing, remove both earbuds simultaneously.

Our review unit had a bit of trouble with the initial pairing process. It should be simple: remove the earbuds from the case and they enter pairing mode. However, I had to go through a manual pairing process.

The earbuds support AAC streaming, which benefits iPhone users but is hardly advantageous for Android users. Once I was able to get both earbuds properly connected, I enjoyed untethered freedom within the designated meter wireless range. Whether I was outside, in the gym, or in my apartment, I rarely experienced connection stutters and avoided dropouts altogether. The Bluetooth 5. Assuming both the earbuds and case are completely drained, it takes three hours to complete a full charge cycle via the included microUSB cable.

Outdated charging mechanism aside, the case supplies an additional two charges to the earbuds, affording you almost a full day of listening. The Plantronics BackBeat Pro have a surprisingly neutral-leaning frequency response.

The peak from Hz Due to gentle emphasis within select frequency ranges, most music will sound good through the BackBeat Pro Isolation performance is above average, the earbuds create a strong enough seal to passively block out some low-frequency noise.

If you fly often enough, you may want to reconsider spending a bit more on noise cancelling true wireless earbuds. Each note is easily differentiated from the next even as the piano enters at Just a few moments later, a kick drum and synth is introduced to the mix.

These competing frequencies make it harder to hear the leading bass picking, a consequence of auditory masking and drivers unable to separate certain frequencies. Users have reported unreliable microphone quality, but our provided review unit transmits voices well to the receiver on the other end of a call.

Plantronics uses noise cancelling technology to mitigate background noise, allowing the microphone array to pull focus directly to your voice as you speak. The Jaybird Vista wing tips keep the earbuds in place but the large housing may bother smaller ears. Comprehensive integrated controls give you plenty of freedom to command the earbuds without searching for your phone.

Related: Samsung Galaxy Buds review. The Powerbeats Pro provide significantly better battery life, over 10 hours, feature a stabilizing ear hook design, and pair seamlessly with your smartphone, iPhones in particular.

The JLab JBuds Air Icon make welcome improvements over the first-generation JBuds Air , namely with a dual connection mechanism that affords a more stable connection within the meter wireless range.

The earbuds support quick charging and merit an IP55 rating, making them even more durable than the earbuds in question. For half the price, though, the JBuds Air Icon may be a tempting alternative for those on tight budgets. The initial pairing process was a bit annoying but hopefully an exception rather than a common occurrence. I enjoyed these earbuds for their on-board volume controls and solid battery life.

Next: Best true wireless workout earbuds. Check Price. Name: Subject: Message:. SoundGuys is reader supported. When you buy through links on our site we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More. Release date September 4, Dimensions 62 x 30 x 45 mm case. Weight 5. Model Number Waterproof IP Rating SG. Bottom Line. User Rating 7 Ratings. Who should get the Plantronics BackBeat Pro ?

Low and midrange frequencies are slightly amplified. Frequently Asked Questions. Reviews True wireless. Plantronics , Poly , True wireless. You may also like. Best workout headphones: Hit the gym a little harder December 16, About Us Privacy Policy Contact.


Backbeat PRO 5100 Product Information

Fergus Halliday. Still, they are charmingly lightweight and cheap enough to recommend. Rather than opt for a workout-friendly feature set, the new Plantronics BackBeat Pro are pitched as a lighter, cheaper and longer-lasting alternative to Jabra's true wireless options. The BackBeat Pro feature a super lightweight form-factor, noise-cancelling microphones for phone calls and six and a half hours of playback per charge. There's another thirteen hours of usage contained on the charger case, bringing the total usage time to just shy of 20 hours.


Plantronics BackBeat Pro 5100 review

The signaling capabilities enable you to call individuals or groups, identify the caller, notify others you are trying to reach them even when they are away from their vehicles, or send a request for help in emergency situations. In addition, its 64 channels easily accommodate diverse workgroups and the dual priority scan helps ensure you will not miss important calls. The large character alphanumeric display with user-friendly icons provides easy-to-understand information, in one of four languages. The practical PR mobile radio offers a powerful package to help get the job done. Dual Priority Scan Use this feature for situations where you need to monitor one or two workgroups more often than the rest. Receive Signal Strength Indicator An icon on the display panel shows the strength of the signal being received by the radio; 5 bars indicate the strongest signal.


BackBeat PRO 5100

Another day, another pair of true wireless in-ear headphones. You will definitely not draw attention wearing them, unlike with the Apple AirPods Pro, for instance. Its charging case is shaped like a dental floss case, with smooth curved edges and the PLT logo engraved on top. Push the small button in front of the case to open the lid. On each earbud is a circular, clickable surface.

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