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Despite the significant health benefits of regular physical activity, approximately half of American adults, particularly women and minorities, do not meet the current physical activity recommendations.

Content type: Study protocol. Published on: 14 December The prevalence of smoking in Sweden has decreased in recent decades, and is now among the lowest in the world. During the same period, the use of Swedish moist oral snuff, a smokeless tobacco called snus, has Content type: Research article.

Since , the Norwegian Institute of Public Health has invited all hospitals and long-term care facilities for elderly LTCFs to participate in two annual point-prevalence surveys covering the most frequent Published on: 13 December Human infection with influenza A H1N1 was first identified in the United States on 15 April and on 11 June , WHO declared that the rapidly spreading swine-origin influenza virus constituted a gl India has 2.

Understanding when in the course of TB treatment patients die is important for determinin A one-year prospective examination of injury rates and injury risk factors was conducted in Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI new agent training. Overweight and obesity are considered a serious health problem. There are little data on the prevalence of overweight and obesity among the Yi ethnic group in China.

This study aimed to investigate the epidemi Reducing harm in drinking environments is a growing priority for European alcohol policy yet few studies have explored nightlife drinking behaviours.

This study examines alcohol consumption and blood alcohol c Published on: 12 December In recent years, many studies have focused on adolescent's sex-related issues in China. However, there have been few studies of unmarried migrant females' sexual knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, which is im Isoniazide preventive therapy IPT is given to individuals with latent infection of tuberculosis TB to prevent the progression to active disease.

One of the primary reasons for failure of IPT is poor adhere Several measures have been undertaken to improve reporting of TB but the completeness and timeliness of TB notificat Improving perinatal health is the key to achieving the Millennium Development Goal for child survival. Recently, several reviews suggest that scaling up available effective perinatal interventions in an integr Published on: 10 December Intimate partner violence against women is the psychological, physical, and sexual abuse directed to spouses.

Globally it is the most pervasive yet underestimated human rights violation. This study was aimed a Published on: 9 December The relationship between body mass index BMI and socioeconomic status SES tends to change over time and across populations.

In this study, we examined, separately in men and women, whether the association Studies on adolescent smoking indicate that the smoking behaviours of their parents, siblings and friends are significant micro-level predictors. Parents' socioeconomic status SES is an important macro-level There are many studies that associate vitamin D serum levels in older persons with muscle strength, physical performance and risk of fractures and falls.

However, current evidence is insufficient to make a gen Krachtvoer is a school-based healthy diet programme, developed in and revised in to meet the needs of particular segments of the target population as well as a wider target group. The main aims of th Published on: 8 December There is an urgent need for effective lifestyle interventions to prevent the development of T2DM. Sedentary behaviour To demonstrate the tobacco industry rationale behind the "Spanish model" on non-smokers' protection in hospitality venues and the impact it had on some European and Latin American countries between and Published on: 7 December Gender-specific smoking cessation strategies have rarely been developed.

Evidence of effectiveness of physical activity PA promotion and intervention in adjunct to smoking cessation programs is not strong. Vitamin D deficiency during infancy may lead to rickets and possibly other poor health outcomes.

The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months. Breast milk is the best The demand for induced abortions in Uganda is high despite legal and moral proscriptions. Abortion seekers usually go to illegal, hidden clinics where procedures are performed in unhygienic environments by und Published on: 6 December Maternal smoking is the most significant cause of preventable complications during pregnancy, with smoking cessation during pregnancy shown to increase birth weight and reduce preterm birth among pregnant wome Declining levels of physical fitness in children are linked to an increased risk of developing poor physical and mental health.

Physical activity programs for children that involve regular high intensity physi Published on: 5 December Respiratory infections are the leading cause of childhood deaths in Bangladesh. Promoting respiratory hygiene may reduce infection transmission. This formative research explored community perceptions about res Published on: 4 December The relationship between urbanicity and adolescent health is a critical issue for which little empirical evidence has been reported.

Although an association has been suggested, a dichotomous rural versus urban Published on: 30 November Physicians of the Spanish Influenza Sentinel Surveillance System report and systematically swab patients attended to their practices for influenza-like illness ILI. Within the surveillance system, some Spani Several studies witnessed that prenatal zinc deficiency ZD predisposes to diverse pregnancy complications.

However, scientific evidences on the determinants of prenatal ZD are scanty and inconclusive. The pu Published on: 29 November Published on: 28 November Tuberculosis TB has increased within the UK and, in response, targets for TB control have been set and interventions recommended. The question was whether these had been implemented and, if so, had they been It has been suggested that social, educational, cultural and physical factors in childhood and early adulthood may influence the chances and direction of social mobility, the movement of an individual between Published on: 25 November Dementia affects the mood of people with dementia but also of their caregivers.

In the coming years, the number of people with dementia will increase worldwide and most of them will continue to live in the com Lifestyle change is probably the most important single action to prevent type 2 diabetes mellitus. The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of a low-intensity individual lifestyle intervention by a Research on new models of care in health service provision is complex, as is the introduction and embedding of such models, and positive research findings are only one factor in whether a new model of care wil Content type: Research.

This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 11 Supplement 5. Public health research is an endeavour that often involves multiple relationships, far-reaching collaborations, divergent expectations and various outcomes. Using the Tall Girls Study as a case study, this pap The complexities inherent in understanding the social determinants of health are often not well-served by quantitative approaches.

My aim is to show that well-designed and well-conducted ethnographic studies h Authors: Mridula Bandyopadhyay. For women Content type: Review. Social support interventions have a somewhat chequered history. Despite evidence that social connection is associated with good health, efforts to implement interventions designed to increase social support ha Intervention studies for depression and intimate partner violence IPV commonly incorporate screening to identify eligible participants.

The challenge is that current ethical evaluation is largely informed by Research has a 'bad name' in Aboriginal communities. Too often, researchers have come, gathered information and taken it away from Aboriginal people, with no benefit for the communities taking part in the rese Authors: Tanya Koolmatrie. Content type: Introduction. The social environment in which children grow up is closely associated with their health.

The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between maternal educational level, parental preventive behav Published on: 24 November Climate change could affect allergic diseases, especially due to pollen.


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Despite the significant health benefits of regular physical activity, approximately half of American adults, particularly women and minorities, do not meet the current physical activity recommendations. Content type: Study protocol. Published on: 14 December The prevalence of smoking in Sweden has decreased in recent decades, and is now among the lowest in the world. During the same period, the use of Swedish moist oral snuff, a smokeless tobacco called snus, has Content type: Research article.


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